Sunday, June 28, 2009

Feeding Federation!

Kainan Nah!

Informatics NSTP 1 and 2 were merged up to make a big contributtion for the Feeding Program and Proper Waste Segregation Project in Barangay Pajac Lapu Lapu City of my close buddy Sam Catajoy, who is the chairman of the Sanguniang Kabataan (SK) in the place.

Here are a few photo flicks taken by myself and some by Shahannah. These were the sceneries wherein my fellow Icians helped in the distribution of prizes, handling of games and running of the entire activity.

NSTP 1 and 2 doing their move :))


ICIANS on the GO

Excluded in my NSTP class, I still called Shahanah, Jen, and Jaja to come over at Sam's place to be with us during and after the activity. It was only Jaja who wasn't able to come. Though incomplete, everyone enjoyed the day.

From left to right: Marinil, Ms. Lyden, Sam, ME!, Jen, Jaja, Shan
[waiting for our orders to be served]

In this picture; you could add on the famous line during trips- "Are we there yet?"

ME! at Sam's house. LOLx
After the activity, my circle of friends went to Sam's house. We made gags, told secrets, had food trip and more. Marinil and Ms. Lyden joined with the group and the things we did. Later on, we went to MB's Tavern. I can't recall the full name of the Tavern :P but I assure you that I can remember how delicious the food was served in there :)) It was a day to remember and a blog to post and never to be deleted. Ehehhe! I was the first one who got home with Marinil and Ms. Lyden. The four people XD ahahha! actually insisted that I should stay but I badly had to go home at 8:00 because my sister has to have the digital camera I've been using the whole day. The four of 'em texted they went home at a time beyond 10:00 pm and so the story ends.

The next Saturday of it was another Feeding Program and Proper Waste Segregation Project for us NSTP 1 held at Tupas [my grandmother's place] in coordination with my Aunt Mary Anne and Cousin Marvin Cuyno who happen to be an SK councilor in the place.

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