Thursday, June 18, 2009

My School is Cool

Todally not OVER it!

Informatics ROCKS! AHaha! Classmates and friends are of different races and I typically lhurve the place! It's so cold! Not clean and that big though, as I expected but nah, it doesn't matter anyway. First day of school ended fine. JR and RJ, my two online friends became two real buddies to me. We ate and hang out together. I met unbelievable individuals there! Bwahaha! There was this girl in my first subject, BA210 who came late and she looks like a Norwegian but she speaks Japanese :)) Crazy huh?

Moving on, I tricked JR and Rj at first that I won't be studying at Informatics but when they knew I was attending the classes there on the day itself, their grins turned into grumpy faces! Nyahaha! I caught them but JR and JR caught me too! RJ long told me as well as JR that he won't be studying in the same school JR and I will be in and so, sad impression came to my face. This first day of classes at Informatics, MAY 4,2009, I just knew that they tricked me when RJ too got inside one of the classrooms and joined JR's classes!! Grr!! SO deceptive and funny!

I'll tune ya'll in with my college life and Oh Boy! I guess I won't be entering relationships and stuff like that. I'm too young to be involved in such affairs :P

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