Monday, June 22, 2009

VE 413


Miss Juvie Uy Aba's days in Informatics are counted. In return for her well done teaching and priceless friendship and care, a party - a sort of a despidida and a cooperation test of us students under her was made. Miss Juvie elaborated to us the importance of our bondings and the value of cooperation in of the party. Conducted a contest, her main goal was to test us on how united we (all students under her subjects) are. Whoever will have the best presentation showing cooperation will win. And so, after one week, on a Wednesay, All open windows and doors were blocked. Room E was embellished with colorful papers and balloons (decorations like that of made during New Years Eve) Ahahha!

There were 3 groups. The groups were according to the subjects a student falls under Miss Juvie's teachings and since I am under Miss Juvie's three subjects, I have to present three presentations and surely will win all the three places. Bwhahhaha! :P Not cheating, just following the rules~ and following the rules is all a benefit to me! Yipppeee! Cheers! lol

The over-all winner will be exempted for the Test in the Finals while the second placer will gain additional 50 points to whatever score they will have in the finals and lastly, the third placer will have additional 30 points to their scores in the finals.

My classmates in VE413 are really kind. We have shared lot's of secrets and laughters. We have built friendship with each other and hopefully would not crush it down. I love them so much. They are actually the ones who made me say that VE 413 is my favorite subject!

copy the link into your address bar to view the other group's presentations:

continuation in of this post is the next one sorry guys to make you hanging =D

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