Sunday, June 21, 2009

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen


Students would begin saving loot or perform good acts in the eyes of their parents after skimming this blogpost and viewing the video below. Introducing, from livescribe- THE PERFECT PEN for STUDENTS! I want one >.< And yes, believe me, I badly want one too! lol.

Basically, the pen records everything delievered or uttered while you are jotting down notes. The recordings explained as you tap along with the illustrations and notes you've written down.

HONESTLY, this is the most impressive pen I've ever seen. I haven't used or bought one yet but it clearly shows how easy, fun and stress-free it can be! To learn more about it, visit

Before anything else, I need you to view the videoclilp below. Really amazing and cool! Check out these pens displayed in your Cyber Shops in your nearest malls soon!

Oh yes! I am too cramming here! I want one! Now! Puppy face would dominate the domicile! I predict! Ahahah! Good luck!

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