Friday, June 19, 2009

Weeks in School

Time to Mingle

Well, how do I begin? It's the second day of school and I know for sure I need to KNOW THE ICIANS. There is a need for me to mingle with others -not for advantages but of to gain pals and buddies. I don't think JR and RJ will have more time with me and likewise with them since they have different schedules. I strongly believe that I need not to deal with others just to kill the times wherein JR and RJ are not around.

Shahanah is the name of the norwegian-japanese speaking-late comer gal I told you in the previous blogpost I published and HEY! What do you know? She's half Chinese! Nyahaha! We hang out which each other with new good friend named Erika but we call her Jhajah :)) For some reasons, she acts like a boy but we don't care as long as she is being herself -THAT'S GOOD!

Sbarro -AYALA [Shan's treat] We actually met a British guy here
in the scene and exchange numbers with him. He isn't cute as
for me but Shan thinks the guy is :))

T.G.I Fridays - AYALA "Sometimes, we actually seem
to forget the word LOYALTY since our school is situated
in a mall named SM, we need not to go to AYALA for
entertainment but what can we say? We just want to
trave elsewhere :P"

Informatics -SM [sitting on the coach-warming up for
the unending walk we'll be having a a few moments]

Bowling -SM [Love bowling so much, so funa and challenging!]

Tempura Japanese Restaurant -SM [Actually, this is the first
ever meal we took together- Shan's treat]

Above are only few of the places we went together and jammed. I'm really grateful for meeting them :)) They are really good friends and for sure there a countless moments we will be cherishing for the rest of the years!

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