Thursday, June 25, 2009

SPANDEX advantage


Is this the moment you first heard/ read the word? DO ya'll know what it means? It's actually a synthetic fiber composed of a long-chain polymer. It is mainly used in garments to add elasticity. Now why am I talking about this? Read the story below. It happened before I knew this Spandex thingy.
Aunt Carol bought me last week three pairs of 100% Spandex socks. At first, I was kinda surprised of the its size since my feet are quite large.
"Kagamay gud ani!"
[Cebuano language] "How small-" [English language], I exclaimed. "It's spandex." my aunt replied to my reaction. "OH! Spandex- yeah right! ----> WHAT IS IT?" I joked. My aunt replied me with a burst of laughter. She explained to me the whole stuff about Spandex and unreasonable the price of most clothing made out of 100% Spandex material.

This write-up perharps is an advertisement but is actually for your convenience. I simply want to share to you all the best things and bad stuff that I learned and knew as I days continue to come. I don't want others to repeat mistakes. Hopefully with my blogposts serve as eye openers to you all. Ehehhe. Anyhow, where were we? Oh yeah.

So Spandex- I figured out that I have one shorts that is made up of 100% spandex just a while ago. Guess what? it's actually my favorite shorts! Nyahhah! It's my favorite shorts because every time I where it, I feel good. The cloth is so smooth and its color is black [my favorite color].

My spandex shorts is a very small one having a waistline measurement of 16. My waistline size is 26 and I don't feel any tightness in any part of my body. It explains why Spandex is great.

Back about the story above- My Aunt Carol gave me a some very small socks which is of the sock size of a seven year-old kid. The socks make me feel good in walking and I feel no tightness in any part of my feet. It's really great!

If you have close friends and or many siblings that you want to borrow cloths and some attires- be sure to buy Spandex.

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