Friday, April 27, 2012

HP VirtualSystem Simplifies and Speeds Virtualization Deployment

Virtualization technology has been widely adopted to consolidate servers, gain flexibility and optimize return on investment. However, virtualized environments can be difficult to plan, deploy and operate due to the proliferation of management tools, uncertain performance characteristics and unaddressed security concerns. In fact, 76 percent of IT decision makers consider reducing virtualization complexity their No. 1 priority.

To address these challenges and simplify the path to cloud computing, the new HP VirtualSystem portfolio enables clients to achieve rapid deployment, maximum performance and advanced management of their virtualized environments.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Amorita Resort's Health and Leisure Offers

Health and Leisure is a highlight of Amorita Resort's services. In-room massage is offered by therapists of Amorita who are available anytime of the day. From Swedish to Shiatzu and even to Filipino's very own Hilot, you get the relaxation you want in the comfort of your room or villa.

Pevonia Botanica delivers outstanding skin health, radiance, and rejuvenation to all skin types. Its products and in-spa treatments unite the finest natural marine and organic botanical ingredients with advanced delivery systems for maximum absorbency and truly phenomenal results.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Dagook Adventure Tour Experience Park

These days, what attract tourists are the recreation activities that are found in breathtaking sites. If you are searching for one in Bohol, it's time for you to head on to D.A.T.E. Park.

Dagook Adventure Tour Experience (D.A.T.E.) Park is a new tourism product in the province of Bohol located in Poblacion Weste, Catigbian, Bohol. It offers wholesome adventure activities like Canopy Walk, River Trekking, Carabao Cart Riding and many others.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Amorita Resort: Your Place When In Bohol

If you only have a couple of days to stay in Bohol, you have to make sure that you make each day count. You have to get the best place to stay that could offer what other lounging spots couldn't and when you are in Bohol, the right one is nothing else but Amorita Resort.

Amorita is Bohol's 'beloved' or 'little love'. It is the only resort in Bohol that is perched on top of a seaside cliff overlooking the islands of Panglao and the famed Alona beach - a feature that in itself makes it a cut above the rest.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Difference of Your Bohol and Mine

When we speak about Bohol, what usually comes into our minds would be the old staple, the Chocolate Hills and the world's smallest primate, the Tarsier. While many tourists and a few locals frolic their minds with these two concepts (for initially putting Bohol on the tourism map) as the only best things the Island can offer, a number of people enjoy more  than those two attractions.

If somebody would ask you what Bohol could offer, you'd probably answer what I have mentioned above. You'd say, Chocolate Hills and Tarsier. Well, If somebody would ask me what Bohol could offer I wouldn't cite those names first. I would tell them adventure parks and underwater beauty.
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