Monday, May 31, 2010

June 2010 Target Accomplishments

A typical teenager like me would not wonder if he/she has a list of his/her dream stuffs. I have lots of them. I have this big, black notebook which I always carry in my bag wherever I go. A couple of its pages are names of things that I want to do and I want to have in a certain span of time. Below are some of the things I target to do for the month of June 2010. Check it out.

  • HAVE A SUMMER VACATION - I never had a summer vacation in the Months of March, April and May because I was loaded with so many walks and talks. To make it up for myself, I want to have a late summer vacation with my love ones.
  • HAVE A PHOTOSHOOT - After the success I had in organizing the Alice in Wonderland Photoshoot a few weeks ago, I've decided to come up with another one that is cosplaying the Twilight Saga. Yippeee!
  • HELP THE NEEDY - this is something I always have in my monthly list of 'what-to-dos'. I don't have any idea on why I keep on repeating this task but this thing makes me feel really useful and blessed.
  • BLOG ABOUT A PUBLIC PLACE - I want to feature something people know so well. Perhaps a restaurant or a bar will do. I already have on in mind but I'm having a problem on getting pictures of it because I don't have a camera.

There you go, not my top four but one of the six things I want to accomplish within the month of June 2010. GOD SPEED to me, my work and to you reader!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jude Bacalso and Welcome to Intelstar

Live on Sunday Afternoon
OVER 200 people lined up outside CAP Art Center in Osmeña Boulevard last May 2, 2010 to watched the first show of "Welcome to Intelstar" starred by Cebu's prime television host, Jude Bacalso.
 Audience lined up an hour before the show.

Little Boy Productions staff greeted the audience in front of the event venue.

Excited faces flooded the place at 2:00 pm when the doors were opened.

Jude Bacalso and some staff of Little Boy Productions making a pose before the first show began.

IT WAS MINUTES pass 2:00 pm and the lights in the room were turned off. A woman walked herself at the center aisle. She was in black suit, pearl accessories, toe-pointed high-heel shoes and a coffee tumbler. She headed up to the stairs of the stage and positioned herself near her table. She smiled at everybody. 

High-level call center trainer Miss Chelsea welcomed and congratulated all the new batch of trainees for passing all the sets of call center application exams and interviews.
She then introduced herself to the trainees.

Ms. Chelsea stressed out the significance of observing foreign accent inside the Intestar's premises.

She then showed to everyone the dos and don'ts in handling calls.

Miss Chelsea gave concrete examples of naughty callers by portraying a disrespectful guy and an irritating grandmother.

Before we knew it, an assignment was given and it was to memorize all the abbreviations of the different states of America.

The orientation ended well. In the morning, Miss Chelsea went home. She spoke vernacular and drunk in alcohol. She acted differently.

The play was a success. Although many watched the play while standing, everyone enjoyed the show. 

Some well-known Cebu personalities were also in the building to watch Jude Bacalso's performance. One of which is ABS-CBN's Prime News Anchor Leo Lastimosa.

Chris Martinez's "Welcome to Intelstar" is indeed another spectacular production of Little Boy Productions! No wonder it received a Palanca Award. Congratulations to Little Boy Productions and writter Chris Martinez.

ONE ON ONE Interview with Jude Bacalso

Are you currently working in a call center company?

Only three people in the country were given the chance to act as 'Chelsea' in the play. How does it feel to be in line with Eugene Domingo and June Rabin?
I have played the role of Chelsea four years ago- in 2006. It was a hit. I felt proud. Today's play is funny and a bit uneasy. I just memorized the whole script last night *laughs* But since I already played the role before, I had this instinct of not feeling the pressure so much having a background of the story. I feel so guilty right now for not being so active more than I was in 2006.

What is next for Jude Bacalso?
I won't be doing another theater play by this year, 2010. There is this upcoming play entitled "New Yorker in Tondo", a satirical play in one-act written by Marcelino Agana, Jr. that Little Boy Productions will be showing. Just stay tunned about it.

What's your message to the people?
Two things. There are two things I want to tell the people. First, there is a need for people to be exposed in theater. Cebuanos are not theater educated. They have to induldge themselves in such activies whether just being an audience or a cast. Mimicking distants the performer from his/her true identy but in this way he/she can show to the watchers that the feeling and actions are true.

Second, I would like anyone to know that there is more than talking, encoding and staying up late at night or dawn if you are a call center agent. If you're a call center agent, you live two lives. You alter when you're at night. You are professional, patient and well-rounded. In the morning, you talk like you don't even know how to speak a word in English and you act like everything in life is boring & weary- so you sleep.

If you are a call center agent, you carry a heavy load on your shoulders. You get to have rants by people you barely know. You get reprimanded without doing anything wrong and at times, get disrespected. 

Being a call center agent is a tough job and that is something Cebuanos have to be proud of. We Cebuanos have the capability to talk the way pure Americans do without even going  out of the City as long as we go to school. Stupidity will counter education. If one is knowledgeable on basic things, then he/she can be productive.

photo credits to Edd Buenaviaje :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

GT Cosmetics Reveals New Product Packaging

GT (God's Talent) Cosmetics Manufacturing revealed its new soap product packaging. It took place last May 21, 2010 at the Ching Palace Chinese Restaurant. The company reintroduced their Carrot Soap, Papaya Soap and Bleaching Soap in an improved formulation as well.

GT Cosmetics founder Engr. Leonora B. Salvane elaborated that the management came up a decision to renew the soap packaging  to capture the young and high end market.

GT Cosmetics, which was founded in 1994, has been producing good quality soap products that has continued to earn the trust of women and made it among the sought-after brands in retail outlets in the market today.

Engr. Salvane stressed out that they are targeting the larger market of Luzon and will be carrying most of their new products in their display outlets in the region.

Despite targeting the higher market, the new product lines will still carry the same value-for-money pricing as their old products which will also still be displayed in their authorized retail outlets.

GT Cosmetics Carrot Soap, Papaya Soap and Bleaching Soap is available in department stores and selected beauty shops in Cebu City and in other parts of the Visayas.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Welcome to Intelstar

Little Boy Productions by special arrangement with playwright and film director Chris Martinez ("Kimmy Dora", "100" and "Here Comes the Bride") brings you the Palanca award-winning one-act play "Welcome to Intelstar".

Welcome to Instelstar is an interactive comedy show (audience participation required) that has been reviewed as "heart-rending and rip-roaring funny". It has played to full houses during its last run in Cebu in  2006.

Cebu renowned television host Jude Bacaslo takes on the role of Miss Chelsea, an expert trainer who orients a seminar to the audience who "plays" the part of her new batch of call center trainees.

Slated on the date, May 2, 2010, two shows (matinee and gala) will be offered to the audience. First show begins at 4:00 pm and second show at 5:00 pm. Laugh your instestines out at CAP Art Center, Osmeña Boulevard (across Jollibee Jones). 

Tickets are sold at Php120.00 at East, West Cafe, The Walk, IT Park.
Special tours, corporate and group sales can be arranged. Call 4158058 for more information.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Last Song

Director: Julie Anne Robinson
Writters: Nicholas Sparks (screenplay and book)
              Jeff Van Wie
Release Date: May 12, 2010 (Philippines)
Genre: Drama and Romance

Official Trailer

Everything begins in with seventeen-year-old Veronica 'Ronnie' Miller who's life turned upside-down when her parents divorced. Her father moved from New York City to Tybee Island in Georgia. For three years, she remains angry and alienated from her parents especially to her father. Her mother decided to make her and her brother spend the whole summer vacation with their father.

Ronnie's father, a former concert pianist and a teacher, is living a quiet life in the beach town immersed in creating a work of art that will become the centerpiece of a local church. The tale that unfolds is an unforgettable story about love in its myriad forms - first love, the love between parents and children - that demonstrates the many ways deeply felt relationships can break our hearts ...and heal them.

Overall rating would be 7/10. The setting is good. The lights were right. The sound effects were great. What made me say that this movie is so good is its story. The entire story is just so wonderful.

This may have nothing to do with the whole review thing but I have made a video lyric song a few months ago about one of my favorite songs performed by Miley Cyrus entitled 'When I look At You' which happens to be the movie's theme song. Check it out below.

You can check out my other video creations in my youtube channel by clicking here.
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