Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup Official Theme Song

Mr. Boredom stroked again in me but out of this came something nice. I made a lyric video of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, South Africa official theme song which is entitled Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) performed by Shakira.


In this lyric video of mine, I featured, in right order, all the banners of the previous FIFA World Cup Events. I also included all the 32 participating country flags of this year's competition. In the end of the video, you'll see pictures of all the stadiums used in all the FIFA World Cup Events in the previous years as well as this year. 

This took me around 3 hours in the making. Not too long huh? Hahhaha! Check out my other lyric videos found  in my youtube channel by clicking here. Don't forget to subscribe and drop some comments! GOD SPEED! 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Open Letter to My Avid Readers

Goodie goodie Morning!

The month of June of this year has been a blast of entries. It has the most number of posts ever in this blog of mine. Inspired? Yes but moreover, what triggered my inner blogging spirit to blog everyday were my free retarded days I had for the whole month.

I have been in the house for 8 consecutive days and I tell ya! It's super crucial and dreadful! All you do is eat and sleep. Sounds simple but if you experience getting stuck in your house for 8 consecutive days doing the same thing knowing you'll do the same the next day, you'll realize boredom can kill a person! I swear! Hahaha!

So to kill the monotony of my actions in all the days of June of this year, I decided to do what I love to and one of which is blogging. That explains well on why I have tons of blogposts in the month now. Okay, time to explain why I'll be blogging no longer than the usual, I do in the month.

Schooling time for me is about to begin because July is fast approaching. Super fast approaching! Yeah! Like I only have a few hours to make the day turn July 1. Hahahaha! Oh yea! Moving on, I do hard stuff on my studies and I prioritize it among all the things I do. I really work hard on it so expect not to much of posts every week.

Don't give me a grumpy face thur! :D Smile! It doesn't mean I'll quit blogging XD *chuckles* And the hell I'll never quit blogging as long as I have the things I need to do so :) You inspire me to blog blog blog readers! That's it for now :] Love lots! Thank you so much!


July 2010 Movie Releases

It's already time to talk about the movies coming to theaters in July 2010. To be honest, July is a pretty lame month for film releases. There is nothing much to expect that is coming and is interesting.

Oh yes we have "The last Airbender" but nothing else suits our taste that much in the month of schooling. Any movies for teens and seasoned peeps filmmakers? Here are the movies to look forward for the month of school!

July, 2010
July, 2 The Last Airbender Paramount  Pictures
July, 2 Restrepo (limited) - National Geographic Entertainment

July, 9 Despicable Me - Universal
July, 9 Predators - 20th Century Fox
July, 9 The Kids Are All Right (limited) - Focus Features
July, 9 Winnebago Man - (limited) Kino International

July, 16 Inception - Warner Bros.
July, 16 The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Buena Vista
July, 16 The Wild Hunt - (limited) Hannover House

July, 23 Dinner for Schmucks - Paramount Pictures
July, 23 Salt - Sony/Columbia
July, 23 Ramona and Beezus - 20th Century Fox
July, 23 Standing Ovation - (limited) Rocky Mountain Pictures
July, 23 Countdown to Zero - (limited) Magnolia Pictures
July, 23 Mugabe and the White African - (limited) First Run Features

July, 30 Cats & Dogs: Revenge of Kitty - Warner Bros.
July, 30 Charlie St. Cloud - Universal
July, 30 Beastly - CBS Films
July, 30 I Love You, Phillip Morris - (limited) Consolidated Pictures Group
July, 30 Extra Man - (limited) Magnolia Pictures 

Enjoy your month's movie time!

Movies I Will Watch

Today was a blast of rehearsals for my hosting job for an event this coming Sunday, July 4. If you want to know about it, click here. I'm quite tired but I have all the energy to flaunt out the movies I'm craving for to watch. Check out my top three What-to-Watch Movies for the rest of the days of the month.

First up, we have nothing less but M. Night Shyamalan's "The Last Airbender". My sister and I are big fans of this hit cartoon series and both of us can't wait for its 'human' version film to be out in the movies this July.

Hitting my list in number two is the third installment of the "Twilight Saga: Eclipse". It has been a couple of weeks now since the trailer surfaced for millions of Twilight die-hard fans (include me in the list :D) that expected to hit the chart of most watched movie of the year. This will be in theaters on June 30 - Tomorrow!

Lastly, I want to watch Disney's "The Sorcerer's Apprentice".  I just want to watch this movie because it's fictional. Enough said. I love stories having actions and powers so yea- I will watch this for sure :)  This film will be out on July  16, 2010.

I'm done with my top three list of movies to watch. How about you? What are the movies you look forward to watch by the start of the month? See ya at the movies!

SM City Cebu IMAX Prelaunch Party

Drench yourself with the world's most immersive movie experience- IMAX.

From foreign countries down to the Philippines, the long wait is finally over! The desire to increase the visual impact of film is now here!

3Designers. 3Dj's. 3Dimensional.

Miss not the Prelaunch Party of IMAX and 3D Fashion show to be held at the Northwing Atrium at SM City Cebu this coming July 2, 2010, Friday.

The Fashion Show will begin at 6:00 pm featuring the collections of Country Renowned Fashion Designers; Arcy Gayatin, Edwin Ao and Philip Rodriquez. Cocktails are to follow after the event.

For R.S.V.P., contact Kaye at 0917.627.97.97 / 032.316.1476 or Cybill at 0917.329.2455 / 032.316.3088.
Everyone is invited! Be there when it happens!  IMAX 3D!

Experience it in IMAX.

New Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2 Trailer Released

All Harry Potter fanatics like me, are for sure dying to watch the finale of the worldwide phenomenon. Recently, a new trailer of the last part of the famous Harry Potter Series was released to the public and revealed a couple of big actions that will be seen in the movie.

Here is the trailer.

Excited? What do you think how I feel? I've been a die-hard fan of the Harry Potter Series since it came out of the movies way back in 2001 :D. And yes, I know, I'm not alone. Hahaha. I am and perhaps including you- we are just two of the billions of Harry Potter avid fans in the world.

Okay, enough of the Harry Potter fan thingy, let's go back to the real topic here. *laughs*

We all know that every part of the Harry Potter Movies shown in theaters are so long. And true, it's really so long that all of them could be done in two-parts each but to make things simpler and better, with the consent of the hit book series author J.K. Rowling, the filmmakers have decided to trim down subplots of the story, focusing Harry's life only.

All Harry Potter fans know this :) This much awaited last part of the movie is jam-packed with so many actions that it couldn't be contained in one movie. This explains why there are two parts for the last movie. Since it's the last- everything should be done all at the best best best! :D

The first part of "Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows" will open in theaters on November 18 (Philippines) of this year while the second half won't be out until July 14, 2011. That will be nearly 10 years since the first movie hit the screens in 2001.

Both parts of the last movie were done in 2D but it will be shown in 3D after it will be converted in post-production. This is the first time a full-movie will undergo the process.

I just can't wait to watch the finale of my favorite Harry Potter Series. How about you?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Adventurouslei on Facebook!

Yes! You've read it right readers! is now on facebook. I have made a Facebook fan site for just a few moments ago.

Go ahead, don't hesitate to hit 'LIKE' button. If you do, you'll get all the updates you need and want for free. All my blog entries that I will be publishing will automatically be flaunted in the said social network.

If you haven't 'LIKEd' it yet, click here to visit the fan page to hit like. You can also be a fan without getting out of this page by simply hitting 'LIKE' button seen in the tab bar in this window.

Until then! GOD SPEED Readers! :D

James Reid is PBB Teen Clash of 2010 Big Winner

With the theme "Unite at the Big Night", the much awaited Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010 was concluded last night. It was held at the Ynares Sports Center in Antipolo where thousands of PBB fans crowded the big dome.

Everything came to close with the Dashing Dude of Austrialia, James Reid as the Big Winner. He took home P1 million cash, a condo unit worth P3 million, a water-refilling franchise worth P1.5 million, an Asian trip for two, a laptop and a 46 inch LCD television.

The Teen-ternational Housemate won the rest of the big housemates in a slight gap of number of votes. As all the PBB fanatics and viewers are concerned, the votation was a close fight since it opened for which moment by moment, the vote count keeps on increasing- making big changes in the housemate ranking. 

Who is James Reid again?

Seventeen year-old, Robert James Reid is originally from Australia. He was a gymnast and a swimmer. He moved with only his father to the Philippines, leaving his mother and sister back in Australia.

James was having troubles adjusting in the country as he is experiencing problems with a different academics and social skills, especially the language. James is the only housemate among the Teen-ternationals to have Filipino blood.

Baby James to his fellow housemates, James is considered among the nicest and well-liked housemates this season, not to mention being the cutest housemate of PBB Teen Clash 2010 as other people say :) James made the people vote for him for being so humble and true to himself. 

Later on, the biggest Pinoy Big Brother Housemates Reunion will be held dubbed as "High Five", celebrating the 5 years of PBB. Watch it after Sharon on Channel 3. 

Here is the official and final vote result:
1. James 179,294 - 19.75%
2. Ryan 169,797 - 18.70%
3. Fretzie 145,176 - 15.99%
4. Devon 142,876 - 15.74%
5. Ivan 137,4027 - 15.14%
6. Bret 133,239 - 14.68%

Indeed, a close fight on the mass votation.

CONGRATULATIONS to JAMES REID and all the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010 Big 5 Housemates!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Name the Cat Contest

From the creators of J-POP Singing Contest, brings you a another contest easy to win and fun to join! 

Have you noticed the orange, striped cat in the J-Pop Anime Singing Contest posters, flyers and promotional materials? The Cat, the J-Pop Anime Singing Contest mascot, does not have a name yet and it's up to you to give him a name fitting an anime, J-Pop or J-Rock idol. Join the Name the Cat Contest !

Participating in the contest is free and easy. 1) The contest is open to everyone; 2) Only one name suggestion will be allowed for each contest participant; and 3) the name suggested must be original and must not bear close likeness to a name of a licensed manga or anime character or trademark. Entries with the adjudged best name suggestions will win Doraemon items from Animation International Licensing, one of our event partners.

Please email your name suggestions to: Put “ Name Neko-kun Contest ” in the subject line of your email and write down your full name and address in the body of the email. The deadline for the submission of entries for the contest is on July 9, 2010.

Winners of the contest will be notified via email and will be awarded at the J-Pop Anime Singing Contest Grand Final to be held at the Cyberzone Event Center, SM North EDSA on July 24, 2010 at 1 p.m.

The J-Pop Anime Singing Contest, now in its second year, is a singing contest organized by the Embassy of Japan and the Japan Foundation Manila in cooperation with various organizations to foster friendship between Japan and the Philippines through love of anime and J-Pop music.

source: Embassy of Japan in the Philippines

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mama's Birthday!

Today is a very special day. It's the birthday of my Mother, Mama Dolly. She's turning 46 today. She's happy and I'm loving it.

Our family won't be having a big birthday bash like we always do for every birthday celebrant of the month. Instead, we will be celebrating it in a simple gathering of our close relatives tonight. There is nothing much to expect but fun and memorable moments. And that I can't wait! Weee!

 It's not every year that one turns 46 so you really have to rejoice on that very special day. I want my Mother to have a great day today but  I don't know how to do it. Haha. Well, I'll see what I can do. I, for sure will do something she'll smile and laugh :) I won't tell to you guys :P

As of now, Mama Dolly's out of the house attending the Holy Mass. The folks here and I are busy fixing ourselves and preparing the yummy food to be feasted. *evil laugh* Nyahaha! Just kidding.

Beside these words is a raw picture of my beloved Mama Dolly and Mee! Nothing much to say, I just wanna show you guys of her look :) Isn't she beautiful? Haha. I I have to admit, I'm way prettier than her :P

Anyhow, I have to go now. Have a great day! GOD SPEED!

The Prince Warehouse Club Sari-Sari Store Festival 2010

For the 5th time, The Prince Warehouse Club will bring you their annual Sari-Sari Story Festival 2010 with the theme "Sari-Sari Stores: Gearing for Growth  Pangandam sa Pagtubo sa atong Negosyo ug Ekonomiya!"

The event will be held at the Cebu International Convention Center this coming July 23, 2010 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Before that will make history, a Press Launch will be observed tomorrow, June 22, 2010 at 10:00 am at Prince Warehouse Club NRA Office North Reclamation Area. The Prince Warehouse Club President, Mr. Robert Go and COO Trainee, Ms. Rhea Go will be there to grace the event.

 Prince Warehouse Club is a retail warehouse club chain with four branches in Cebu located in the North Reclamation Area, Old MCWD Building, Danao City and Minglanilla.  It provides exceptional value in both wholesale and retail for neighborhood stores, restaurants, institutions, resellers, and households.

It has currently over 10,000 members who are mostly sari-sari store owners from all over the province of Cebu, from the Northern part in Danao, to the southern part in Minglanilla. It serves its members in their respective localities with remarkably low prices on grocery goods to resell for their sari-sari stores. With its membership base growing in the grassroots level, it annually holds an event called the Sari-Sari Store Festival.

This festival aims to bring together sari-sari store owners from the north, the south, and all over the province by way of an exhibition, a variety show, and helpful discussions on entrepreneurship, micro-finance, and sari-sari store best practices and success stories. It is designed to encourage and further support their local businesses, to help them grow and in turn, grow the local economy as well.

Karate Kid

First and Foremost
Director: Harald Zwart
Writers: Christopher Murhpey (Screenplay)
             Robert Mark Kamen (Story)
Stars:  Jackie Chan
          Jaden Smith
          Taraji P. Henson
Release Date: June 11, 2010 (Philippines)
Genre:  Action, Drama

Official Trailer

12-year-old Dre Parker could've been the most popular kid in Detroit, but his mother's latest career move has landed him in China.

Dre immediately falls for his classmate Mei Ying - and the feeling is mutual - but cultural differences make such a friendship impossible. Even worse, Dre's feelings make an enemy of the class bully, Cheng.

In the land of kung fu, Dre knows only a little karate, and Cheng puts "the karate kid" on the floor with ease. With no friends in a strange land, Dre has nowhere to turn but maintenance man Mr. Han, who is secretly a master of kung fu.

As Han teaches Dre that kung fu is not about punches and parries, but maturity and calm, Dre realizes that facing down the bullies will be the fight of his life.

First parts of the film wants to tell the viewers how very sad and lonely 'Karate Kid' is and they have done it well. Jaden's expressions and actions are good alright. The scene effects are good too.

But the movie wasn't packed with actions as I expected it to be. Jackie Chan only had a few fight scenes. Though we all know that he is old, he has to keep and live up his name and the subject he is known for his shows and movies. If not, don't let him make any movie. Right? Harsh but true.

The film is revised and basing it to the old version (which I have seen a few months ago in a cable channel)- this 2010 Karate Kid is really good. I admire dramatic parts. The words uttered bu Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith in most of their conversations are full of lessons. I suppose the writer should be congratulated.

The thrilling parts are good. It made me really thrill most especially in a part where 'Karate Kid' fights in for the 'Champion' title in the Kung Fu Tournament.

In the end part of the film. It seems to be hanging but I know it is a part of the show to make it look like that. Celebration. Pause and lights out. Done. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

NBA Finals

The 2010 NBA Playoffs was the postseason for the National Basketball Association's 2009–10 season. The playoffs started on April 17, 2010 with 16 NBA Teams namely Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics, Charlotte Bobcats, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Dallas Mavericks, Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder, Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns, Portland Trail Blazers, San Antonio Spurs and the Utah Jazz.
The Boston (BOS) Celtics with their Coach Phil Jackson and Los Angeles (LA) Lakers with their Coach Doc Rivers swept all the teams down in the Conference Finals leading the two to compete in the much awaited NBA Finals.

Just last Friday, June 18, 2010, (Philippine time) the 2010 NBA Finals was concluded at the Staples Center. The LA Lakers bagged home their 16th Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy after favoring the score of 83-79 against BOS Celtics. The winning team won Game 7 of the sport having 4-3 score. This was the first NBA Finals to go the full seven games since 2005. 

Forget not about this year's Most-valuable-player (MVP).  Kobe Bryant earned his second consecutive NBA Finals MVP Award. Bryant led the Lakers to a sweet repeat with 23 points and 15 rebounds Friday morning.

Emotion filled the court after burning down the remaining seconds in Game 7 of the Finals. According to Kobe Bryant, this year's championship is the sweetest.

In celebration of their winning, the Lakers will hold a parade on Tuesday with the team riding on floats from the Staples Center to the USC Campus in downtown Los Angeles.

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Toy Story 3

Director: Lee Unkrich
Writer: Michael Arndt
Release Date: June 17, 2010 (Philippines)
Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Action, Romance

Official Trailer

It's time for Andy Davis to head off to college, leaving his beloved toys unsure about their future. Cowboy Woody thinks they should try to stay at the house in the attic, but the others like the idea of being donated for other kids to play with them. 

Once they arrive at Sunnyside Day Care, it seems like a paradise for toys, but they soon learn things aren't what they seem, as the place is being run by a despotic warden who won't let the toys leave once they learn the truth. 

In the end, Woody and his group fight for their selves to go back to where they truly belong and realize something very important that all toys should know.

In the beginning of the story, everyone could see how wonderful the story of toys go as children see it and play with it- a very creative way to start the movie.

We know that this film is cartoon. The characters are well done. The dubbing and the actions are perfect. The characters' facial expressions are rightly made and sound effects are awesome!

I say congratulations to Pixar for a splendid work! This film is hitting my top ten favorite movies baby! The story is really good. I love it. Overall, I rate it 9/10. This movie is good to be watched whether you have or haven't seen the first two installments. Watch it with your family!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Move Over Summer! Hello School!

Welcome to the month of June! The month that signals the end of summertime and the beginning of class time. Are you ready for a doze of homeworks and school projects? At this point of time you should be. I hope you are.

Another school year is about to open in two to three-weeks time from today. Expect a blast of new beginnings- new friends, new classmates, new teachers, new place, new materials, new rules and new problems. Above all these, welcome yourself to a large window of opportunities.

It's time to flip new study-books open, start writing some important notes and make preparation for a big comeback in your Academy.

For some, school is so tough that they rebel themeselves from making learnings penetrate in their minds. Don't do that and if you do, stop it. Do not close yourself to a world of opportunities- education. It is something you have to use everyday. Take note that it is the only thing that people can't take away from you.

Welcome the new school year with a big bang! How to do it? Good question! School is for all. It's not for the genuine wise and clever people only. And the truth, everyone is! Everyone is wise and clever it's just that majority don't know how to open themselves and use it in the right way.

Intelligent people aren't those who easily memorize lengthy essays and answers. They aren't the ones who show up in school so early- an hour before the bell. Moreover, they are not the people who are the best speakers of English in the class. They aren't even the people who know how to to apply their learnings in real life. Yes. Believe me.

Here is a quick and simple test.

Answer this query: "What is a leaf?"

Well, what is your answer? You would say, "A leaf is a part of a tree.".
That's it. Just that answer, probably. Most people have that answer and I bet you know that.

The real intelligent people are those who answer wisely and correctly the questions being addressed to them without even prepared. They are the ones who have great ideas about certain things without the reference of books and others.

An intelligent person would answer to the question "What is a leaf" with a short and smooth introduction like- "There are a couple of parts of the tree. One of which is the leaf."

The person would add up: "A leaf is a significant part of a tree. It is the place where the production of plant-food is done. It comes in various colors. " and so and so forth.

To be an exemplary student, study all the time. Always, always prioritize your studies. Test your skills and capacity at times. Learn lessons and do some application. Furthermore, ask for God's guidance in everything you do so He'll enlighten your mind and all the aspects of your student life.

You'll know by then, when someone asks you about a certain thing and you find yourself  answering it basing your own perspective and telling him/her using your own words- you're an intelligent person! 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Parkmall Fashion Week 2010

Get ready for a load of fashion photo snaps and star glazing poses! Parkmall Cebu cordially invites you to its first fashion event of the year dubbed as Parkmall Fashion Week 2010.

On June 19, 2010, Saturday be at Parkmall Atrium West at 5:00 pm. For registration, inquire at Parkmall's Costumer Service. The first 10 people to register gets admission for free. Only 30 people will be accommodated per workshop.

Parkmall Cebu is located at 168 Ouano Avenue, Mandaue Reclamation Area, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines (across Cebu International Convention Center).


June 20 4pm - 6pm : Fashion Design and Illustration by Cebu Fashion Designers Alliance (CFDA)

June 21 2pm - 4pm : Basic Styling Technics by Cebu Fashion Designers Alliance (CFDA)
June 22 2pm - 4pm: Basic Makeup by Watsons
June 23 2pm - 4pm: Basic Modeling by Chicoy Tomol of M.A.C
June 24 2pm - 4pm: Look for Less by Rain Ramas
June 25 5pm - 7pm: Basic Fashion Photography by Allan Florendo
June 26 6pm - 7pm: Fashion Show by M.A.C models

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cebu Observes Fête de la Musique (World Music Day)

Alliance Française de Cebu, the Foundry Publishing, and The Terraces Ayala Center Cebu, brings you a night of thanksgiving; celebrating the existence of music in our lives for the third time here in Cebu.

Fête de la Musique or World Music Day will be stage at the Ayala Center Cebu this coming June 19, 2010. Be serenaded with the songs of Cebu beginning 1:00 until 6:00 in the afternoon resounding in the interiors of the mall. Then listen to the lively music from 6:00 pm onwards at the Terraces all in one day.

The drums are set, the guitars are tuned up, the microphones are wind up tight and the performers are ready rise! Enjoy the music in all its forms from Classical Cebuano, Original Pilipino Music, Disco, Pop, Jazz, Blues Hip-hop, Reggae, Rock and others all in one day in Fête de la Musique.

You'll be blown away by these artists and bands who'll perform for you:


Drawing heavily on contemporary reggae acts such as Big Mountain, Aswad and UB40, “Brownman Revival” creatively mixes the traditional roots sound of reggae with OPM pop sensibilities, producing a festive but sensuous strain of Lover’s Rock reggae, with such vibrant energy that never fails to leave crowds winding and grinding their sweaty bodies to the band’s euphoric reggae party.

French DJ, The Springmine Disaster started out as Jean-Gabriel BECKER, who moved to London in 1999 to pursue his life-long love affair with music in English. To promote the artists and releases of the record label he founded, he took on the moniker The Springmine Disaster and established residencies in and around London. He mixes his indie roots with electro, disco, and early techno influences to entertain eclectic crowds, educated purists, and party-loving hedonists.

With 5 studio albums under her belt and consistent presence in the Cebuano music scene, Cattski Espina’s eponymous band churns out a guitar-driven cocktail of sounds that could be pop one moment, folk in another, and modern rock in between. Whatever the sound and source of inspiration may be, expect lyrics that are real in their simplicity and striking in their clarity, running the gamut of human emotions, and packed into raw and powerful vocals that “leave the listener to keep thinking even long after the music has stopped playing.”

There are many bands in Cebu, but there are very few neo tribal rock bands. Fewer still are neo tribal rock bands which have the tenacity to improve their sound and broaden their audience. One such band is Sugbuwanon. From their early gigs at the now defunct Hideout, some band member changes, and a debut album, Sugbuwanon continues to hone their craft and attract new followers. Their lyrics are socially relevant, with the added plus that they can make you get up on your feet to feel the beat even better.

Composed of high school and college students from the University of the Visayas, the multi-awarded UV Chorale has been the pride of Cebu in the arena of chorale competitions. They have performed in Australia thrice and have reaped awards on a national level, as well as in Busan South Korea and Sulawesi, Indonesia. They continue to bring Cebuano-stamped music to the international stage by releasing a debut album containing classic Visayan recordings such as “Usahay,” “Bulan” and many more.

Juress the band was formed in 2005 with its first gig at the old Handuraw on MJ Cuenco. Their music is a blend of alternative, pop, jazz, blues, and rock, and is influenced by acts such as Heather Nova, Liza Phair, Jewel, Sade, and Frank! Their sound is familiar yet uncommon, and it’s hard to find another band in Cebu to compare them with. Their solid musical skills are fronted by a voice as unique as the name the band carries.

The band Hardwood is quite a little-known secret, but a very good one at that. They play Spanish guitar-based tunes reminiscent of Carlos Santana, and the Gypsy Kings, with some originals thrown in for good measure. Junx Muana, one of the guitarists in the band, is also a maker of specialty guitars, a definite plus for Hardwood’s Latin & flamenco-inspired music.

The band Powerspoonz is making their stamp on Philippine rock music history, with a couple of their songs hitting the national airwaves, and with new material waiting to be unleashed. Indeed, they do rock with their fusion of rap, hip-hop, and metal. Easily one of the most sought after bands from the Queen City of the South, their live performances are truly spectacles of power and raw energy.

In the summer of 2008, three brothers decided that instead of giving out Christmas gifts to their friends that year, they’d pool time, talent and treasure to come up with a full-length album. By December 23, their first “digital” album “At Last! Our First” was made available at their official multiply site. It was being given out for free. They have since added a friend to their line up and proceeded to make a name for themselves in the Metro Cebu scene, playing at album launches, music festivals, and were even featured in RCTV’s Tambayan sa Outpost programme. The name of their band is Bethany.

Rescue A Hero
The guys from Rescue A Hero knew each other in high school, lost touch, and got back together and formed the band as it is known now. Inspired by the music of Jeff Buckley, Dashiboard Confessional, Damien Rice, and Death Cab for Cutie (amongst others), they play music for the love, not for fame or money and are a favourite of the Cebuano skater crowd. Rescue A Hero is best experienced live, with the audience jumping and singing their songs back at them.

Turn your Saturday a music and bond day. Be with your family and friends and enjoy live music at its best all for free. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Five Minutes

Just about a couple of hours ago, I went to the mall to fetch some goodies and a bunch of flowers for my grandmother. I wish to visit her in her house in Cebu City.

After pulling out some fruits and crackers in the grocery store, I managed to stand in line at the shortest one in the row of counters. There were over seven people in line and in a rough estimation, it will take me  more of less five minutes to have my turn.

I waited. I was right. It took me five long minutes for the cashier to serve me. I wasn't in a hurry. I just value time that much. You see- time so slow if you wait so you better do something instead of nothing when in a dull situation.

A realization brought by the situation popped into my mind. Five minutes is very valuable. It is a part of our so called one hour. It is a part of our one day. It may seem so small and little to be considered so important but five minutes is part of a year and a decade.

For hundreds of times, people get into situations like I did- wait for a span of time for something.

Time is so precious. I hope you all kow the true value of it. Five mintues of waiting- yes, quite long indeed. In line with this, I have come up a list of what one can do in five minutes or more rather than waiting for something doing nothing at all. Check it out below.

  • make a brewed coffee for dad
  • call and greet a friend
  • clear your bulk mail
  • play with your pet
  • unclutter your desk
  • fry bacon
  • arrange the foods in your fridge
  • ready your clothes for laundry
  • read the news paper
  • wake up your sister who is burning daylight
  • open your house gate for your mom who is driving the family car
  • water the plants

  • pile up trash the dried leaves
  • bury your garbage under your garden grounds
  • enjoy the terrific view of nature
  • pick up some liters scattered all over the place
  • write something about life
  • take pictures of the place

  • sharpen your pencil
  • jot down important notes
  • erase the writings on the board
  • make your homework
  • review your lessons
  • try out for a dance/singing club
  • read an article in your school paper
  • prepare your materials for your next subject
  • check the things in your bag

I guess that's quite enough to end this post. Haha. I hope I'm a big help in making five minutes of your day useful :)
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