Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tribal Gathering - Back to Basix

Tribal Gathering: 7th Anual Informatics Acquaintance Party 2009

OH yeah! Back to Basix
I've been hosting since high school. I talk on stage in concerts, programs, symposiums, meetings and a lot more. It's actually shocking in my part that a long dead air took place last night! Ahahah! That was pathetic. I laughed at it and I guess not everyone did. That's pretty good.

I arrived at Base Line at 4:00 pm. Only Robert Barnes, our Student Buddy Officers (SBO) president and Franz Bermudez, SBO Auditor were there with my co-host -Michael Sinjin Pineda and over-all Acquaintance Party head- Miss Jonafel Torreon. Everything were all set so I took my cam and started to take video clips. Afterwhich I began set my cam to pictures and took a shot.

WWaaaahhh!! It turned itself off! LOW-BAT! GGggrrrr!!
Sinjin and Miss Joan laughed at me and I was todally hilarious that time. I laughed at myself as well. But it's really mind-boggling.. I've charged the digital camera for 10 consecutive hours. Hmm.. maybe theirs somethin wrong with the way I placed the batteries in the charger. Oh well. Ahahah! I had nothing to do with it so my camera stayed in my bag the whole evening. Yes. Bringing the camera was worthless! Hmf! Anyhow, I didn't worried so much that time because I was so sure that my friends and classmates will take pictures of me :P lol and a video of my dance performance.

Uhuh! You heard it right! I'm back in dancing again! Back to hosting and back to dancing. Heheh! I hoped that the audience will admire our dance (Had Kuya Marvin Galuego as dance partner). And you know what? The audience did! AHaha! I admit, our practices were better than the actually presentation at Base Line -many agreed with me saying that. Hehehe.

Here are some photosnaps of mine which many of my friends have taken :)) Big thanks to them -I have some photos to post. Yippeeee!!!

Anthony was there!

My girl friends with Miss Joane =D

The crew :)

Jen and I ♥

Us at the table

Miss Joan, Me and Jen

The program ended so early. It was in our waiver that it'll end at 12:00 midnight but it unexpectedly ended pass 9:00 pm. Bwhahahha! So what did my friends and I do to kill the time? Check it in my next post! =D

Feeding Federation!

Kainan Nah!

Informatics NSTP 1 and 2 were merged up to make a big contributtion for the Feeding Program and Proper Waste Segregation Project in Barangay Pajac Lapu Lapu City of my close buddy Sam Catajoy, who is the chairman of the Sanguniang Kabataan (SK) in the place.

Here are a few photo flicks taken by myself and some by Shahannah. These were the sceneries wherein my fellow Icians helped in the distribution of prizes, handling of games and running of the entire activity.

NSTP 1 and 2 doing their move :))


ICIANS on the GO

Excluded in my NSTP class, I still called Shahanah, Jen, and Jaja to come over at Sam's place to be with us during and after the activity. It was only Jaja who wasn't able to come. Though incomplete, everyone enjoyed the day.

From left to right: Marinil, Ms. Lyden, Sam, ME!, Jen, Jaja, Shan
[waiting for our orders to be served]

In this picture; you could add on the famous line during trips- "Are we there yet?"

ME! at Sam's house. LOLx
After the activity, my circle of friends went to Sam's house. We made gags, told secrets, had food trip and more. Marinil and Ms. Lyden joined with the group and the things we did. Later on, we went to MB's Tavern. I can't recall the full name of the Tavern :P but I assure you that I can remember how delicious the food was served in there :)) It was a day to remember and a blog to post and never to be deleted. Ehehhe! I was the first one who got home with Marinil and Ms. Lyden. The four people XD ahahha! actually insisted that I should stay but I badly had to go home at 8:00 because my sister has to have the digital camera I've been using the whole day. The four of 'em texted they went home at a time beyond 10:00 pm and so the story ends.

The next Saturday of it was another Feeding Program and Proper Waste Segregation Project for us NSTP 1 held at Tupas [my grandmother's place] in coordination with my Aunt Mary Anne and Cousin Marvin Cuyno who happen to be an SK councilor in the place.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dying to have ONE!

Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart

I'm really an avid fan of high-technology devices and one of which are cars! Wwaaa! I'm dying to have one! The new Mitsubishi Lancer 2009 Ralliart! LOL. I think I'm going crazy because of it!

The specifications are impressive and what I admire in it the most is it's sleek
design and power of engine. Until now, I still dream of becoming a race car champion someday.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

SPANDEX advantage


Is this the moment you first heard/ read the word? DO ya'll know what it means? It's actually a synthetic fiber composed of a long-chain polymer. It is mainly used in garments to add elasticity. Now why am I talking about this? Read the story below. It happened before I knew this Spandex thingy.
Aunt Carol bought me last week three pairs of 100% Spandex socks. At first, I was kinda surprised of the its size since my feet are quite large.
"Kagamay gud ani!"
[Cebuano language] "How small-" [English language], I exclaimed. "It's spandex." my aunt replied to my reaction. "OH! Spandex- yeah right! ----> WHAT IS IT?" I joked. My aunt replied me with a burst of laughter. She explained to me the whole stuff about Spandex and unreasonable the price of most clothing made out of 100% Spandex material.

This write-up perharps is an advertisement but is actually for your convenience. I simply want to share to you all the best things and bad stuff that I learned and knew as I days continue to come. I don't want others to repeat mistakes. Hopefully with my blogposts serve as eye openers to you all. Ehehhe. Anyhow, where were we? Oh yeah.

So Spandex- I figured out that I have one shorts that is made up of 100% spandex just a while ago. Guess what? it's actually my favorite shorts! Nyahhah! It's my favorite shorts because every time I where it, I feel good. The cloth is so smooth and its color is black [my favorite color].

My spandex shorts is a very small one having a waistline measurement of 16. My waistline size is 26 and I don't feel any tightness in any part of my body. It explains why Spandex is great.

Back about the story above- My Aunt Carol gave me a some very small socks which is of the sock size of a seven year-old kid. The socks make me feel good in walking and I feel no tightness in any part of my feet. It's really great!

If you have close friends and or many siblings that you want to borrow cloths and some attires- be sure to buy Spandex.


I'm always busy doing stuff.

I frequently treat myself with food. Today, I made it more special. I bought not everything though, but more than half of what satisfies my taste buds.


code red!

Photographs might drive your apetite; these goodies are truly mouth-watering- if stomach grumbles, hand over your loot to your nearest restaurant or food shop.

Just kidding folks! Eheheh. Here are some of my favorite foods and beverages that I frequently eat in SM. The ones below are like~ just five percent of the food I truly love and enjoy eating!

  Mc. Donald's French Fries
 Starbucks Beverage
 Sundae (preferably Black Forest Brownie)
 Chocolates (OH YES! Especially Ferrero Rocher! ♥)

Sweet niblitz! Just how addicted am I with food! I'm really a thin person but it doesn't explain how big I eat. Ask Mr. Metabolism the explanation. Ahhhaah! I eat a lot. When there's a gathering, I'm always the first one who munches the food and surprisingly (to you) I am always too- the last one who finishes the food. I eat the big! Rawr! LOL.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hannah Montana FULL episodes

Miley Mania

Hannah Montana is one of my favorite tv programs in Disney Channel and I bet you don't know that until now. I'm really addicted with her story and her songs. I so so love the lines that Miley utters. She presents herself well and she talks just so funny. The best of all? She delivers and acts out the punch line uber good! Enough with the compliments of the show~ lol, here are the very first episode of Hannah Montana. Oh yeah! Before I forget, I want to warn you, after watching the first 4 to 5 episodes, you'll get addicted with the story and Miley herself :)) Enjoy!

What can you say? Haven't got a load of "Bwahahaha"s ? :)) View the other episodes of Hannah Montana to get you understand the full secrets of Hannah. I suggest you watch the next five episodes in correct order. If you're done, watch any episodes as you like in any order. I'll give you a hitch: this url allows you to view a youtube channel that contains almost all episodes of Hannah Montana from Season 1 to 3. Isn't that great? You'll really have fun! And the next time you'll open your tv or be online??,, you'll would probably, I say.. search and watch Hannah Montana episodes! Nyahahha!

Shorthand Texting Term GUIDE

Not your day-to-day reading

Let's face it. Unknowing the meanings of abbreviations of texts may it be sent via mail, message through cellphones and the like, it's a big shame. So to slash off the game of embarrassment in the situation, here are compiled popular shorthand terms/ abbreviations with there corresponding meanings which are for sure can't be found in your digital life vocabulary. -until NOW :))

  • UG2BK . . . . . . . You got to be kidding
  • GBTW. . . . . . . . Get back to work
  • NMP . . . . . . . . . Not my problem
  • PIR . . . . . . . . . . Parent in room
  • GFTD. . . . . . . . . Gone for the day
  • FYEO. . . . . . . . . For your eyes only
  • BI5 . . . . . . . . . . Back in five minutes
  • DEGT . . . . . . . . Don’t even go there
  • BIL . . . . . Boss is listening
  • PAW. . . . Parents are watching
  • 99 . . . . . . Parents are no longer watching
  • PCM . . . . Please call me
  • IMS. . . . . I am sorry
  • TOY. . . . . Thinking of you
  • KUTGW. . Keep up the good work
  • CID . . . . . Consider it done
  • FWIW. . . For what it’s worth
  • HAND . . . Have a nice day
  • IAT . . . . . I am tired
  • NRN . . . . No response necessary
  • 4COL. . . . For crying out loud
  • WRUD. . . What are you doing
  • LMIRL. . . Let’s meet in real life
  • ^5 . . . . . . High five
Here are 10 top 'basics'
  • ASL -Age/sex/location
  • ILY - I love you
  • BRB -Be right back
  • HAU -How about you?
  • LOL -Laughing out loud
  • MSG -Message
  • NP -No problem
  • SUP -What's up?
  • OMG -Oh my God!
  • NVM -Never mind

Take note of the stuff above! You'll never know when you could make big use of it! ^__^

Monday, June 22, 2009

How Google Chrome Made Their Logo

So how did GOOGLE CHROME come up with their LOGO?

I found this crazy but-kinda-true picture from a site of what they say, How Google Crome came up with their logo :)) It's relative obviously! Nyahahaha! What do you think?

VE 413 continuation

Okay, so here's the continuation :P once again, sorry for making you guys wait for the hangging post (the previous one) Anyhow, the wait is over :)

BA210 Group Presentation

headed by Yours Truly :))

GUESS WHAT? BA210 AND VE413 Group tied at First Place!

which means it doubles our workload off! Yippeee!!

Satisfied, I need to study a little bit for BA213 since it placed second. Ahahha!! The party was really fun though it took us a long time to wait for the food. The eating part was was a relief! Big thanks to Franz's mom for the uber delicious dinner she cooked for us. I won't forget this moment.

VE 413


Miss Juvie Uy Aba's days in Informatics are counted. In return for her well done teaching and priceless friendship and care, a party - a sort of a despidida and a cooperation test of us students under her was made. Miss Juvie elaborated to us the importance of our bondings and the value of cooperation in of the party. Conducted a contest, her main goal was to test us on how united we (all students under her subjects) are. Whoever will have the best presentation showing cooperation will win. And so, after one week, on a Wednesay, All open windows and doors were blocked. Room E was embellished with colorful papers and balloons (decorations like that of made during New Years Eve) Ahahha!

There were 3 groups. The groups were according to the subjects a student falls under Miss Juvie's teachings and since I am under Miss Juvie's three subjects, I have to present three presentations and surely will win all the three places. Bwhahhaha! :P Not cheating, just following the rules~ and following the rules is all a benefit to me! Yipppeee! Cheers! lol

The over-all winner will be exempted for the Test in the Finals while the second placer will gain additional 50 points to whatever score they will have in the finals and lastly, the third placer will have additional 30 points to their scores in the finals.

My classmates in VE413 are really kind. We have shared lot's of secrets and laughters. We have built friendship with each other and hopefully would not crush it down. I love them so much. They are actually the ones who made me say that VE 413 is my favorite subject!

copy the link into your address bar to view the other group's presentations:

continuation in of this post is the next one sorry guys to make you hanging =D

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Best Poem Ever

CLASSICAL. One word that I think best describe this poem of Mother Theresa. This is the best poems I've read so far ^__^ It's something that will make you realize how you should act if you want to be called as a good person. I'm struck by this~ I hope you too :)


People are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered.
Love them anyway.

If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.
Do good anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous.
Be happy anyway.

The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow.
Do good anyway.

Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable
Be frank and honest anyway.

People favor underdogs but will follow only top dogs.
Fight for some underdogs anyway.

People may need help, but may attack you if you help them.
Help people anyway.

What you spend your years building may be destroyed overnight.
Build away.

Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough.
Give the world the best you have anyway.

JUST OH SO Exquisite! I really like the content of such literary output! Hail to Mother Theresa! Indeed, she's not just a good example~ she's also influential in terms of writing. Sleek! =D

TAG lines

Take a break from your seemingly endless work and read this stuff out.

Here are a number of tag lines I got from my friends since high school. You'll be laughing your intestines out while reading it. Most of these lines/phrases/sayings are originally made by my friends and myself too. They are pretty humorous and kilig (which is what they are purposely made). I am so sure you'll enjoy reading it! Nyahhaha! Get ready for a load of "ahahaha"

Uy! Pa-picture tayo!
Para ma-develop tayo!

Pinaglihi ka ba sa keyboard?
Kasi type kita.

May kilala ka bang gumagawa ng relo?
May sira ata relo ko.
Pag ikaw kasi kasama ko, humihinto ang oras.

Am I a bad shooter?
'Cause I keep on missing you

I lost my number..
Can I have yours?

Kumain ka ba ng asukal?
Ang tamis ng ngiti mo!

Pulis! Tingnan mo oh!
Ninakaw nya puso ko!

Are you a dictionary?
'Cause you gave meaning to my life

I forgot your name,
can I call you MINE?

I am a bee -can you be my honey?

Bagin ka ba?
Nahulog ata ako sa iyo

Ano height mo?
Paano ka nagkasya sa puso ko?

Alam mo ba? Scientist ako LAB kita.

Geometry ba favorite subject mo?
Kasi kahit anong angle, ang cute mo

Funny? I have more than that. I'll be posting it soon as I get my hands of my hilarious girl friends.

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