Sunday, June 21, 2009


HARD habbit to BREAK

WWAAA!! I just realized how empty life is without my 'DVD M0DE' a day! Hmf! I think I can't breathe! Bwahahah! And I badly hope it's not real. It's such a hard habbit to break! Ggrrr!! I mean it! So hard! I should not be acting like this for it is already expected that I'll be even more busy now since I'm a college student. Hayzt.

Its an unacceptable reason actually, as for me :P Okay now, let's stop talking about this habbit of mine. HHEhehe. Let's move on to one of my wishes :)) I'm a girl who super loves gadgets -most especially the most high-tech ones and ones with fine quality (the price will be of 'quality' too - ahahhaa!) Anyway, let's move ahead, I want to shout this one out: I WANT THESE GADGETS!!! Listed below with corresponding illustrations are the gadgets I'm yearning to have within two years and I'm beginning to posses some, I guess -nyahhaha!

First on the list is the Mitsubishi 2009 Lancer Ralliart

This HOT BABE is sizzling with hot engine! Oh god! How I wish I have all the riches in the world to buy this baby! Bwahhaha! It has a very alluring shape and parts! The speed is terrific and specifications are the best so far -in all the works of Mitsubishi ^_____^ I admire cars with the color Black, Gray, Blue and or Red how about you?

Oh yeah! The first picture posted above is actually not my room okay? I just got from photobucket :)) I want to have a room with such dvds and duh :P with the flat screen televsion as well. My uncle's room looks like it, smaller though and darker but it's better used in watching movies or dvds because speakers are scattered all over the corners of the room which makes movie-viewing more 'real' and 'experienced' xD Okay, the second what-I-want-to have thing in my list is the Mac Book Pro.

Hubah Hubah! This Laptop is the best yet I've ever seen in the iSTOREs I've gone in. Almost everything are new; the design, navigation style, the skin's material, the keys and most ezpecially the size which is the ultimate difference and bet of Mac Book in contrast to Window's big and heavy laptops. Oh dear! By just a touch of this awesome laptop in iSTORE, perhaps, I think everything on Earth is digital and high-tech! Bwahahhaa! Really! Closing the top three of my dersire list is the 4th Generation Ipod Nano.

Apple has introduced the new fourth generation Ipod Nano. It's the thinnest so far and features a unique design with curved edges; glass monitor enclosure and is varied in nine vibrant colors. This Awesome gadget is a must-have to people like me who are addicted to music. My uncle bought one last few months ago and I really am impressed of how it works. The 4th generation Ipod Nano allows its users to enjoy 24 hours of music playback and or 4 hours for video playback. Plus! It has a built-in accelerometer! When you shake it, it shuffles automatically to the next music and so and when you turn it over to a different side, it shows the album art in Cover Flow. Games are present as well as podcasts and an AM-FM Radio. It allows you to create playlists anywhere you are and is really handy. It is available in 8 gb and 16 gb. With 8 gb, you can store 2,000 songs in your pocket. Just how todally awesome it is! Oh boy! Can't wait to have my very own 4th Generation Ipod Nano.

And now, this is the part that I say, act like I'm super inferior. I'm asking anyone who is reading this who are of course not broke to please donate. lol. Just kidding :)) But if you can, I'm willing to accept! Bwahhaha! PM me! Thanks!

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