Friday, November 26, 2010

SM City Cebu: Buy Movie Tickets at Home

Absolute Experience of Total Convenience
High technology is truly everywhere. From cellular phones to portable music players, to the sleekest laptops and to several on-the-go gadgets- mostly invented for entertainment.

With the film industry growing bigger and faster, theaters continue to roll its way to improve viewing satisfaction. Technology stars its name again.

SM Cinema, the leader in nationwide movie screening has made another benchmark in the industry of filming. It has discovered a new way in defining convenience through entertainment paired with technology.

No more lines. Go Online! SM Cinema has fabricated a revolutionary way of providing added convenience to its costumers, across all of its cinemas nationwide. Witnessed by shoppers, bloggers and technology geeks , was launched last November 17, 2010 at SM City Cebu's The Northwing. is the newest website in the country that will bring you ultimate guidance in movies. The highlight of the website is the power of every costumer to purchase movie tickets straight from the comfort of their own home.

Why Register Online?
Signing up in the website will open you to a wide range of convenience in movie watching. You'll get up-to-date with the latest movie listings and events. You will, as well, receive special film promotion offers. Contests are in store for the online members to wherein one can can win exclusive movie items.

How to Buy Tickets Online?
So here is the big question- "How do you buy movie tickets online?" The answer is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Check it out below :)

You Deserve Entertainment
Everyone wants and needs entertainment. With all the hassle and bustle of work in school or in the office, one should reward his or herself with quality time with his/her family and friends. What could be better than movie watching?

Schedule a date now and buy yourself a ticket or two of your favorite movies showing this week. Miss not the pleasure of watching stories portrayed by your adored actors and actresses of today.

Watching a movie is not plainly for fun. Lessons are learned and in most cases, scenes touch and move you that influences your actions and beliefs.

Always, nothing beats movie watching in an SM Cinema. Name it.- they have it. Buy movie tickets now and head on to SM City Cebu for a movie watching like no other.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

93rd and 1st Radio Bar Lounge Opens at The Terraces

Party people and Cebu's socialites bundled up the night of November 13, 2010 at The Terraces of Ayala Center Cebu (ACC). It was a big gathering for music lovers as Cebu's only  FM radio station that plays house music, 93.1 Club Radio opened its lounge in the mall named 93rd and 1st Radio Bar Lounge.

Drench yourself with unlimited party sound and music. With Club Radio airing only house music across Cebu, anyone could party even when the sun is still up. Tune in to its aired house music during these timescales:

  • Monday - Thursdays: 6:00 am -12:00 am
  • Friday - Saturday: 6:00 am - 23:00 am
  • Sunday: 6:00 am - 12:00 am

Club Radio 93.1 FM Cebu is the newest, hippest, sexiest and the only true FM house music station in the metro. It is located at PSU-JSU VIMCONTU Mariner's Court Building in the Queen City of the South.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Enchanting Christmas at SM City Cebu

SM City Cebu's joyful Christmas celebration kicked off last November 6, 2010 at The Northwing Atrium. The event highlighted the grand launch and ceremonial lighting of the Enchanted Christmas Forest and showcased magnificent performances of Cebu's top musical and dance groups.

Mrs. Margot Osmeña, Councilor of Cebu did the honors in lighting the five stunning Christmas Trees of SM City Cebu's Enchanted Christmas Forest that was held simultaneously with 40 SM Supermalls nationwide. The show was graced by the Executives of the SM City Cebu, the candidates of Miss Cebu 2010 and some media personalities.

SM City Cebu Northwing - Lighting of Enchanted Forest
This year, SM City Cebu is partnered by Samsung in spreading the true spirit of the season. Stay tuned for surprise updates of SM's guest artists to perform live at the Northwing Atrium by December.

Listen to this Season's Melodies
Catch these musical specials at The Northwing Atrium from November 11 - 14.

  • November 11 - Manila Symphony Orchestra - 5:30 pm
  • November 12 - Natasha Cang - 6:00 pm
  • November 13 - Princes Velasco - 6:00pm
  • November 14 - Fidelis Choir - 5:00pm

Jazz Up Your Weekends
Head on to SM City Cebu every week for surprises and a series of events that will make your Christmas memorable. Feast your eyes on glourious sights as each SM mall unveils its own special and unique centerpieces.
  • Now's your chance to see Santa and his elves at work in his two-story snowcapped workshop.
  • Don't miss out on the Soleful Christmas parade featuring the latest collections from Crocs, Hush Puppies, Timberland and more.
  • Let ten Santas brighten up your holidays as they parade around the malls and do a dance showdown.
  • Be on your toes when Christmas ballet classics come to life at SM Supermalls
  • Dance to the rhythm of 23 feet tall mechanical drummer boys and hear modern versions of classic carols.
  • See a real candy house made of favorite childhood treats – candy canes, lollipops, and gingerbread.
  • Well-loved Christmas carols are given a new spin in grand production numbers by a Christmas choir.
  • Experience the romance of the season by celebrating it the French way.
  • Enjoy a one-of-a-kind spectacles like giant red mushrooms growling from snow at SM Supermalls.
  • Take to the skies for one amazing joy ride around the world with Santa in his magical sleigh.
  • Make this season all the more exciting and special as you walk your way to the 12 days of Christmas.
  • Get a close-up view of colorful gingerbread houses decked with giant candy canes.

Gather the family around the red chair for a Merry ChriSMs!
The red chair is the holiday centerpieceof SM Supermalls. Here, family and friends may come together and share the warm comfort of the Christmas red chair for photos.

The Song to Sing
With full pride, SM City Cebu revealed its 2010 Christmas bop- Christmas ChriSMs. With Luke Mejares playing as lead singer of the night, the University of Cebu Chorus and the Peace Philharmonic Double Quartet sang the song with full spirit.

Christmas ChriSMs
Let’s have happy times, good cheers are here
Let’s have some greetin’ and kissin’ my dear
Let’s have the Christmas ChriSMs all,
Shoppin’, shoppin’, shoppin’ at SM malls!
Santa Clausin’, reindeer and sleighin’
Misteltoein and tableau playin’
All that Christmas ChriSMs we do
SM Supermalling me and you
All you kids both naughty and nice
Playin’, gamin’, zillion surprise!
Toys, candies and ChriSMs for you
Shoppin’, shoppin’, shoppin’ all fun and new!
Gifts are here, gifts are there
One giant spirit everywhere
Christmas ChriSMs, great big fun
SM Supermalling and we’re not done
Skatin’, snowin’, movie screenin’
Wrappin’, rollin’, feastin’, rushin’
Christmas ChriSMs, sight and sound
Shoppin’, shoppin’, shoppin’, round and round!
Gifts are here, gifts are there
Great big lovin’ everywhere
Christmas ChriSMs, here to stay
Shoppin’, shoppin’, shoppin’, SM Supermalling
Merry Christmas ChriSMs all the way!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Tentay Food Sauces

The Kitchen Helper

Being a mom is the toughest job in the world. It is somehow a collection of work into one. You have to check, care, remind, wash, clean and most of all, cook. Mothers want the best for their family and will do everything to make sure they get it. Good thing there is Tentay Patis. For more than 60 years now, it has been helping moms in the kitchen, show that great food like great love is all about trust and the right recipes.

Whether a working mom who spends most of her hours in the office, or stay-at-home domestic goddess, the root of motherhood is most basic: providing loved ones with the best care one can give. Perhaps this is what makes Tentay Patis the favorite partner in kitchen preparations all over the country.

The most rewarding moment in motherhood is when you see your children and husband enjoy the meal you've prepared, once appreciating the long hours spend preparing, cutting, mixing, boiling, and sautéing. The kitchen is what makes a home more than just a storage facility for furniture, and a dormitory to sleep in ever night.

Tentay Patis is the only Philippine brand that passedthe strict Japanese standard in sodium benzoate, with not more than .005% or near zero preservative reading, qualifying it easily for the U.S. Regulations on fermented foods.

It's no wonder that Tentay Patis is a kitchen tradition passed down from mother to daughter. Moms know who to trust when it comes to their loved ones' well-being in food preparation. If home is where the heart is, the kitchen is definitely its warmest and most special space.

Always use the best and the safest product when it comes to cooking for the family and you'll never go wrong. Try new dishes, be creative in recipes, and add more zest to your cooking.

Tentay Patis is available in all local leading supermarkets and is distributed in the Middle East, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, US, Hawaii, and Guam.

Tentay Food Products
Tentay Patis

Patis is the major product line of TFSI. The company boasts of 50 years experience in perfecting the fermentation and over-all production process to guarantee the highest standards in fish sauce preparation.

Patis is a healthy alternative to and equally matches the use of ordinary table salt. Patis sauce has less of the ’salt’ but more of the flavor and aroma that makes favorite dishes even more tempting.
Tentay Patis comes in three types: The Tentay Patis 100% Pure Guaranteed All Natural Fish Sauce. The Tentay Special Fish Sauce and The Tentay Flavor Fish Sauce.
Tentay Fish Sauces comes in different sizes from an econopet bottle of 350ml to a 20 liter pet-jug to suit the needs cf a greater number of users.
Tentay Banana Ketchup
Tentay Banana Ketchup comes only from the freshest, ripe bananas so Tentay Banana Ketchup’s sweet, tangy taste remains consistent in every bottle.
Tentay’s concentrated banana sauce comes with Tentay’s specially prepared vinegar and spices to capture the unique banana ketchup flavor both adults and children love.

Tentay Banana Ketchup with its sweet, tangy taste comes in 330gm to 4 liter bottles to suit the needs of various types of consumers.

Tentay Vinegar
Tentay Vinegar is fast becoming a favorite table condiment and cooking sauce in Filipino kitchens.

Tentay Vinegar comes in two types – TentaY Nipa Sap Vinegar (Sukang Paombong) and Tentay Cane Vinegar. Both types of Tentay vinegar are naturally fermented
Tentay Nipa Sap Vinegar is made from pure, naturally fermented nipa palm sap of the Philippines. Tentay Nipa Sap Vinegar is without preservatives.

Tentay Soy Sauce
TFSI takes its world-class processing technique that lowers the salt content in fish sauces a step further with soya beans. TFSI has two types of sauce – Tentay Soy Sauce and Tentay Soy Sauce Gold. Both sauces comes only from select soya beans.

For Tentay Soy Sauce, the soya beans are not only fermented but also hydrolized. The process combines both fermentation and hydrolization ensuring a flavorful sauce that is not too salty and even a bit sweet with a unique, delicious aroma when mixed with cooked food.
Unlike other soy sauce, both Tentay Soy Sauce and Tentay Soy Sauce Gold comes in a consistent dark brown liquid has the body, the sweet-salty flavor and aroma that comes only from the choicest soya beans.
Tentay Spiced Vinegar
Tentay Spiced Vinegar is a unique blend of specially aged Philippine nipa sap, black pepper, the choicest chillies, garlic cloves and onions.

The result is a unique vinegar sauce that livens up all types of dishes both as a dip and even as a mixing and cooking sauce.
Tentay Spiced Vinegar offers the convenience of high quality nipa sap vinegar minus the hassle of selecting and combining all the necessary ingredients to transform ordinary table vlnegar into a unique food condiment.

Tentay Calamansoy
Tentay offers a popular soy-lemon mix often hand-prepared and found in various kitchens and tables.

Tentay Calamansoy is a combination of naturally fermented soy sauce with fresh lemon juice extract.
Tentay Calamansoy is very convenient to use compared to the tradilional way of squeezing lemons and mixing the juice to a few drop of soy sauce to liven up the taste of dishes as a dip. Tentay Calamansoy is perfectly prepared with just the right mix of soy and “calamansi” (a known philippine lemon). Calamansoy is fast gaining popularity both as a cooking sauce and as a table sauce.
Tentay Sweet Chili Sauce
Tentay Sweet Chili Sauce is a viscous hot and sweet sauce with visibie tidbits of freshly ground chili peppers.
It is made only from the choicest chilies to ensure the perfect blenci of spiciness and sweetness only fresh chilies can bring.
Combined with Tentay secret spices, Tentay Sweet Chili Sauce, with chili bits showing, is fast becoming a popuiar product that captures both the ketchup-and-hot sauce users seeking a better and more convenient way to spice up their meals.

Tentay Fishball Sauce
TFSI changes and directly addresses the needs of its consumers as their taste buds and culinary preferences change. One sauce that has quickly gained popularity is the fish ball sauce. It is the preferred dip to fried, hot “bola-bola” (fish balls) most commonly sold by street vendors and snack bars, now readily available in local grocery stores and supermarkets for retail consumers.
TFSI has even gone a step further from locally producing the first commercially available fish ball sauce. It offers three popular varieties of fish ball sauce – Sweet & Light, Sweet & Spicy, and Sour & Spicy to suit the varying tastes and preferencs of a wider range of consumers.

Give the best love you can and cook up a feast with Tentay Patis. For delicious recipes and complete details of the company's history, visit

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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Cebu cosplayers and anime fanatics are set to gather and gear up at their best for the most awaited cosplay event of the year! Nothing else but ARCHON 2K10!

On it's seventh year to host its self-named event, ARCHON (Anime, RPG, Comics, and Hobbies Convention), is good to go to make another mark in the history of Cebu Cosplay.  Just a while ago, the ARCHON 2K10 Organizers released its official video teaser. Check it out below.

Don't mind breakfast! It's definitely a must! On November 6, 2010, from 10:00am to 6:00pm, there is no other place to be than at the Ayala Activity Center.

The event is fully loaded with activities that will perk up all the attendees and participants. Some of the highlights of the event include the Versus Gaming Tournament, Drawing Contest and of course, the Cosplay Competition.
Interested to show off what you've got in cosplaying, gaming and drawing? You are so welcome! Listed below are the complete set of mechanics and general rules for the stated event activities above.

Cosplay Competition
  1. Anyone from any organization can join.
  2. We will accept characters from any written or visual media. Original Character’s (OC’s) will not be eligible for the competition.
  3. Registration will be done before and during the day of the convention. Registering early will not determine the order of performance. We will randomly select which group/individual will perform first.
  4. Metal props and metal costume components are allowed for this competition. With that in mind please nothing bladed, or anything that will pose immediate harm to any of the participants of the convention or yourself. (We advise those who carry swords to please keep them sheathed as much as possible). We will still not allow any pyrotechnics or chemicals to be used on and off stage.
  5. Groups must present a skit. Single division participants may not need to present a skit BUT will be interviewed on stage.
  6. This year we put great emphasis on character but we know it’s tiring to be acting like your character all day. Therefore you need only be in character from 2:00 PM till after you have gone on stage. Please be in the convention proper area during that time.
  7. This year our parade of characters will be held on stage to also give a chance to people who want to take photos of those cosplaying (additional details will follow).
  8. Please bring your CDs with your music if you wish to have it played during your time.
  9. There will be a repair booth for those who need to make emergency repairs during the convention.
  10. We know that cosplaying your favorite characters is exciting but please let’s keep it wholesome. Ayala is a family place after all.
  11. The breakdown for this year will be:
  • 50% - Character (on & off stage)
  • 30% - Skit (audience impact, originality, neatness) / Interview (audience impact and IN character answering)
  • 20% - Costume (accuracy & neatness)

  1. Should you present a skit you will be given between 1 – 3 minutes of performing time.
  2. Once again if you wish to have your own music played during your time please bring a CD.
  3. If you have entered yourself in the single division you will not be allowed to participate in the group division FOR ANY ROLE.
  4. Registration Fee = P50.00
  1. Group Participants will be allowed only 2 – 9 Members. This will not include props men if you should have any. We will allow props men to handle materials on stage however if the skit will look messy due to the number of people on stage it will affect your score.
  2. You will be given only 3 – 5 minutes of performing time. Anymore will be deducted from your score. Timer starts when your skit officially starts. Set up all you want.
  3. We encourage the group to interact with the other participants either as a group or individuals.
  4. Please bring a CD with your music if you wish to have it played during your time.
  5. Registration Fee = P100.00 per member
Pre-registration: (Singles)
1. Name:
2. Age
3. Name of Character:
4. Name of Anime / Movie / Series / Game the character you're cosplaying is in:
5. Skit or Interview?
6. Picture of the character you are cosplaying:

Pre-registration: (Groups)
1. Name of Group:
2. Name of Anime / Movie / Series / Game the character your group is cosplaying in:
3. Number of Members in the group:
4. Picture of the characters you are cosplaying:
 Email your Pre-Registrations to:
 Note:  For on the spot Registrations please bring a picture of the character(s) you're cosplaying both for Groups and Singles Cosplay.

Versus Gaming Tournament: Tekken 6

  • Single elimination matches
  • Infinite time
  • 3 Rounds
  • Bringing your own arcade stick/controller is allowed
  • Standard set up only. You may change control set up before the match
  • Pausing in mid-fight is an instant DQ
  • Final match up is 5 rounds.
  • Registration Fee = P50.00

Drawing Contest

  • Papers to be used will be distributed on the spot.
  • Participants can bring their own drawing materials excluding the paper. (Marked papers specifically for contest will be provided)
  • Contestants will have up to 3:00 PM to submit their OCDs.
  • Each character entry should have at least one descriptive paragraph made of 4 – 5 sentences.
  • All entries after the designated time are disqualified.
  • Registration Fee = P30.00
 Possible themes: Gothic, Samurai, Futuristic or Superhero.

ARCHON 2k10 will end the cosplay events this year with a big bang. Be there when it happens!

10 Free Online Gaming Websites To Break the Monotony of Your Work

It's a fact. Whether you are a natural busy person, there will always be a time wherein you get yourself in moments you get drop-dead bored. A gaming website could possibly be the solution to that boredom of yours. 

Playing heavy and mind-boggling games is quite tough so let's talk about the ones that fall in the categories; arcade, strategy and the like.

Shoo Mr. Boredom away and say hurray as reveals its top 10 free online gaming websites in the internet of today. These sites are stated in no particular order.

First up, This website is perfect for those who want 'mild' gaming. This site is perfect for those who love cute graphics and easy-to-win games. contains simple games with a twist. Pass here and try not to miss the fun in cooking, washing your pet dog and making the right way for a hamster's home. The games are limited but expect more as will soon unviel its new set of fun and learning games soon!

This website is growing, literally. The games keep on increasing in number which are fun to deal with. Games for dad, mama, brother and sister are present! Everyone is welcome in the website.

Who doesn't know this gaming website? Everyone's playing in here. If you haven't then you're not much of a person who's kid-at-heart or truly a kid at all. One of the best stuff about this site is that its game graphics and illustrations are well done. Visit

Challenge yourself. Go loco on over two thousand games in FOG. Some of its games are simple but believe me, most of them are addictive. Strategy games dominate where anyone could test themselves.
If you start playing in this website, you might forget your loads of work. Living its name, allows you to enjoy all of its free games anytime and anywhere you have your laptop. Play multiplayer games with your siblings and friends and start hitting the high scores.

If you wish to play "classy" games, there's no doubt that you're looking for Pop Cap Games. Head to and enjoy Award Winning Games (Peggle Nights,Zuma, Feeding Frenzy 2) , All Time-Best Sellers (Bejeweled, Bookworm, Escape) , Low-cost Classics (Dynomite, Heavy Weapon) and many others.
With this thing, JAVA is king. Whenever you think you wish to play in, don't forget to set Java in your pc. And one more thing- you're friends! Play at and meet old and new friends around the globe. Challenge is up for online gamers. Chat box is always present. You know- sometimes, online games are more fun when played with real people you don't know.

A week is not enough for you to play all the games in I would say, you'll find a way to break the 'gaming monotony' with this site. Enjoy games spanning from RPG, Video and Films, Logic and Quest down to your simple 3D, Space and Fyling.

AGAME is for the hyper gamers. Packed with Racing, Sports, Skills, Action and many others, this gaming website is the zone for 'the contenders'. Oops wait! The girls have places too. AGAME has Dress-up, Board and Puzzle Games to enjoy. It's a place for everyone.

Well, that's it. My list of 10 Free Online Gaming Websites that could break your monotony. I hope this helps. God speed!
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