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Tentay Food Sauces

The Kitchen Helper

Being a mom is the toughest job in the world. It is somehow a collection of work into one. You have to check, care, remind, wash, clean and most of all, cook. Mothers want the best for their family and will do everything to make sure they get it. Good thing there is Tentay Patis. For more than 60 years now, it has been helping moms in the kitchen, show that great food like great love is all about trust and the right recipes.

Whether a working mom who spends most of her hours in the office, or stay-at-home domestic goddess, the root of motherhood is most basic: providing loved ones with the best care one can give. Perhaps this is what makes Tentay Patis the favorite partner in kitchen preparations all over the country.

The most rewarding moment in motherhood is when you see your children and husband enjoy the meal you've prepared, once appreciating the long hours spend preparing, cutting, mixing, boiling, and sautéing. The kitchen is what makes a home more than just a storage facility for furniture, and a dormitory to sleep in ever night.

Tentay Patis is the only Philippine brand that passedthe strict Japanese standard in sodium benzoate, with not more than .005% or near zero preservative reading, qualifying it easily for the U.S. Regulations on fermented foods.

It's no wonder that Tentay Patis is a kitchen tradition passed down from mother to daughter. Moms know who to trust when it comes to their loved ones' well-being in food preparation. If home is where the heart is, the kitchen is definitely its warmest and most special space.

Always use the best and the safest product when it comes to cooking for the family and you'll never go wrong. Try new dishes, be creative in recipes, and add more zest to your cooking.

Tentay Patis is available in all local leading supermarkets and is distributed in the Middle East, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, US, Hawaii, and Guam.

Tentay Food Products
Tentay Patis

Patis is the major product line of TFSI. The company boasts of 50 years experience in perfecting the fermentation and over-all production process to guarantee the highest standards in fish sauce preparation.

Patis is a healthy alternative to and equally matches the use of ordinary table salt. Patis sauce has less of the ’salt’ but more of the flavor and aroma that makes favorite dishes even more tempting.
Tentay Patis comes in three types: The Tentay Patis 100% Pure Guaranteed All Natural Fish Sauce. The Tentay Special Fish Sauce and The Tentay Flavor Fish Sauce.
Tentay Fish Sauces comes in different sizes from an econopet bottle of 350ml to a 20 liter pet-jug to suit the needs cf a greater number of users.
Tentay Banana Ketchup
Tentay Banana Ketchup comes only from the freshest, ripe bananas so Tentay Banana Ketchup’s sweet, tangy taste remains consistent in every bottle.
Tentay’s concentrated banana sauce comes with Tentay’s specially prepared vinegar and spices to capture the unique banana ketchup flavor both adults and children love.

Tentay Banana Ketchup with its sweet, tangy taste comes in 330gm to 4 liter bottles to suit the needs of various types of consumers.

Tentay Vinegar
Tentay Vinegar is fast becoming a favorite table condiment and cooking sauce in Filipino kitchens.

Tentay Vinegar comes in two types – TentaY Nipa Sap Vinegar (Sukang Paombong) and Tentay Cane Vinegar. Both types of Tentay vinegar are naturally fermented
Tentay Nipa Sap Vinegar is made from pure, naturally fermented nipa palm sap of the Philippines. Tentay Nipa Sap Vinegar is without preservatives.

Tentay Soy Sauce
TFSI takes its world-class processing technique that lowers the salt content in fish sauces a step further with soya beans. TFSI has two types of sauce – Tentay Soy Sauce and Tentay Soy Sauce Gold. Both sauces comes only from select soya beans.

For Tentay Soy Sauce, the soya beans are not only fermented but also hydrolized. The process combines both fermentation and hydrolization ensuring a flavorful sauce that is not too salty and even a bit sweet with a unique, delicious aroma when mixed with cooked food.
Unlike other soy sauce, both Tentay Soy Sauce and Tentay Soy Sauce Gold comes in a consistent dark brown liquid has the body, the sweet-salty flavor and aroma that comes only from the choicest soya beans.
Tentay Spiced Vinegar
Tentay Spiced Vinegar is a unique blend of specially aged Philippine nipa sap, black pepper, the choicest chillies, garlic cloves and onions.

The result is a unique vinegar sauce that livens up all types of dishes both as a dip and even as a mixing and cooking sauce.
Tentay Spiced Vinegar offers the convenience of high quality nipa sap vinegar minus the hassle of selecting and combining all the necessary ingredients to transform ordinary table vlnegar into a unique food condiment.

Tentay Calamansoy
Tentay offers a popular soy-lemon mix often hand-prepared and found in various kitchens and tables.

Tentay Calamansoy is a combination of naturally fermented soy sauce with fresh lemon juice extract.
Tentay Calamansoy is very convenient to use compared to the tradilional way of squeezing lemons and mixing the juice to a few drop of soy sauce to liven up the taste of dishes as a dip. Tentay Calamansoy is perfectly prepared with just the right mix of soy and “calamansi” (a known philippine lemon). Calamansoy is fast gaining popularity both as a cooking sauce and as a table sauce.
Tentay Sweet Chili Sauce
Tentay Sweet Chili Sauce is a viscous hot and sweet sauce with visibie tidbits of freshly ground chili peppers.
It is made only from the choicest chilies to ensure the perfect blenci of spiciness and sweetness only fresh chilies can bring.
Combined with Tentay secret spices, Tentay Sweet Chili Sauce, with chili bits showing, is fast becoming a popuiar product that captures both the ketchup-and-hot sauce users seeking a better and more convenient way to spice up their meals.

Tentay Fishball Sauce
TFSI changes and directly addresses the needs of its consumers as their taste buds and culinary preferences change. One sauce that has quickly gained popularity is the fish ball sauce. It is the preferred dip to fried, hot “bola-bola” (fish balls) most commonly sold by street vendors and snack bars, now readily available in local grocery stores and supermarkets for retail consumers.
TFSI has even gone a step further from locally producing the first commercially available fish ball sauce. It offers three popular varieties of fish ball sauce – Sweet & Light, Sweet & Spicy, and Sour & Spicy to suit the varying tastes and preferencs of a wider range of consumers.

Give the best love you can and cook up a feast with Tentay Patis. For delicious recipes and complete details of the company's history, visit

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