Thursday, November 4, 2010

10 Free Online Gaming Websites To Break the Monotony of Your Work

It's a fact. Whether you are a natural busy person, there will always be a time wherein you get yourself in moments you get drop-dead bored. A gaming website could possibly be the solution to that boredom of yours. 

Playing heavy and mind-boggling games is quite tough so let's talk about the ones that fall in the categories; arcade, strategy and the like.

Shoo Mr. Boredom away and say hurray as reveals its top 10 free online gaming websites in the internet of today. These sites are stated in no particular order.

First up, This website is perfect for those who want 'mild' gaming. This site is perfect for those who love cute graphics and easy-to-win games. contains simple games with a twist. Pass here and try not to miss the fun in cooking, washing your pet dog and making the right way for a hamster's home. The games are limited but expect more as will soon unviel its new set of fun and learning games soon!

This website is growing, literally. The games keep on increasing in number which are fun to deal with. Games for dad, mama, brother and sister are present! Everyone is welcome in the website.

Who doesn't know this gaming website? Everyone's playing in here. If you haven't then you're not much of a person who's kid-at-heart or truly a kid at all. One of the best stuff about this site is that its game graphics and illustrations are well done. Visit

Challenge yourself. Go loco on over two thousand games in FOG. Some of its games are simple but believe me, most of them are addictive. Strategy games dominate where anyone could test themselves.
If you start playing in this website, you might forget your loads of work. Living its name, allows you to enjoy all of its free games anytime and anywhere you have your laptop. Play multiplayer games with your siblings and friends and start hitting the high scores.

If you wish to play "classy" games, there's no doubt that you're looking for Pop Cap Games. Head to and enjoy Award Winning Games (Peggle Nights,Zuma, Feeding Frenzy 2) , All Time-Best Sellers (Bejeweled, Bookworm, Escape) , Low-cost Classics (Dynomite, Heavy Weapon) and many others.
With this thing, JAVA is king. Whenever you think you wish to play in, don't forget to set Java in your pc. And one more thing- you're friends! Play at and meet old and new friends around the globe. Challenge is up for online gamers. Chat box is always present. You know- sometimes, online games are more fun when played with real people you don't know.

A week is not enough for you to play all the games in I would say, you'll find a way to break the 'gaming monotony' with this site. Enjoy games spanning from RPG, Video and Films, Logic and Quest down to your simple 3D, Space and Fyling.

AGAME is for the hyper gamers. Packed with Racing, Sports, Skills, Action and many others, this gaming website is the zone for 'the contenders'. Oops wait! The girls have places too. AGAME has Dress-up, Board and Puzzle Games to enjoy. It's a place for everyone.

Well, that's it. My list of 10 Free Online Gaming Websites that could break your monotony. I hope this helps. God speed!

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