Friday, July 31, 2009


Stress? No Problem!
Stress is an excessive tiredness of our physical or emotional life. It is a commeon problem to many people. But more prone to being stressed are people who are constantly under pressure. Obviously to us students, we experience a lot of stress, mental and physical fatigue due to too much school activities, projects and other school works.
Stress can interfere in our daily routines and tasks, as well as in our relationship with other people. It can lead to frustration that may prevent us from working effectively.
For students like us, we can guide this by taking good care of ourselves.
>Sleep at least 8 hours a day
>Exercise daily
>Eat healthy foods
>Don’t try to do many things at a time
Through these tips, it will help a lot to us and other people to avoid stress. On the other hand, it will also make us healthy and strong.

adapted from the LENS 2008
official Publication of Saint Scholastica's Academy
article by Mary Angeli Bas

Sunday, July 26, 2009


LOFT: Thanks to Anthony :))

The usual thing: Anthony treated once again us Shan, Jennyle and I.
We went bar hopping and ended up at LOFT. It was already 3:00 dawn when we bid goodbyes. I slept at Shan's place in Lapu Lapu City, Opon. We got home almost 4 am and talked for while taking our "advance breakfast" Ahahah! It's actually the most late time that I got home.

We slept right away although we knew what could possibly go wrong since we just ate something. Bwahhaha! It's actually really tiring that time! Can't even stand for a moment. Really sleepy. Eeekk!! The next day went so good. Shan and I woke up 12:00 noon.

Knowing there wil be classes, we purposely didn't attended. We're not bad gals okay? But on the same day, announcements were given that classes were posponed since the party yesterday was planned to end up at 12:00 midnight, althought it actually ended at 10:40 :))

I took my bath and breakfast at Shan's place and we were suppose to go to April's place but we woke up late and April has some meeting to attend. Got nothing to do, I took out some of Shan's dvds and on my own turn the television set and dvd player. Shan took the remote and we happily viewed a movie. Secret land kung unsa. :)) The truth is, it's actually entitle YES MAN starring Jim Carey. The story is not really funny though it was had the genre under comedy.

I went to Informatics to check out the happenings in the place after the party. Friends of mine; Dikoy, Ninyo, Sheena, and Mon invited me for lunch but I refused. They told me they would treat me but I insisted. Ahahah! I got home in Talisay after that while Shan made her report in the Internet Cafe.

SO tired when I got home, I finished some of my homeworks, projects, and CWAs , ate dinner, got online, DVD mode again and then slept at 12:30 midnight.
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