Wednesday, October 28, 2009

my Blogging Resumes!


Celebrate! I'm off with studying for now. I'll be focusing more on blogging because I want too. Bwahhaha. Anyhow, I'm grateful with my grades. I just got it last week and I am so blessed for having only one subject having a grade found in the line of 8 and the rest in nine. BIG thanks to GOD! For my studying this term, I'm dealing it well. I'm under a teacher who is new and is really funny. I enrolled only two subjects and for those two subjects, she is the teacher. I'm glad for being under her but sometimes I admit that she's too strict at times.

Something I don't have to celebrate is that lost my Smart Cell Phone. It's my black Nokia 1680. I bought it not too long ago. I'm having no hard time in getting over it but I sometimes, there is this feeling that bugs me since my Smart sim is very valuable to me. Whoever stole my phone- I wish you'll live a sick life fool!

Moving on, Halloween is fast approaching and I am settled up with so many activities and parties to attend. In our school, there is no such thing as sem-break but we do have some whole months of no class :P [ahaha! still better than Universities-if you talk about no class days] My mother and sibling, Monic prepared in advance some goodies and tasty treats for whoever tricks and treats on the night of Halloween and boy! How I wish there will be lesser kids who will do such practice -so there will be more chocolates for me and my older sister. Bwahhaha! Just kidding fellaz!

the MOST IMPORTANT thing about this blogspot of mine is that- I you all everyone to know that I do sincerely apologize for my extended absence. I had gone for so long -which obviously shows in the number of blogposts for the month of October that I published. Sorry guys and gals!

Now, there are about 6 days to go for Halloween and 49 days to go before Yuletide Season comes! Let us all look forward for a day that is worth living whether with or without an occasion.

Celebrate Life Everyday!

Friday, October 16, 2009

MAC wallpapers SOURCE


I've been vert busy lately. Luckily, I'm online once again and as I was surfing the net, I found a site that's really cool! Ahahha! It's a source of wallpapers better for MAC users. EHehhe. You better visit the site. It's really wonderful! Pictures are well edited and is obviously done with time and full creativity of mind. Here are some of the wallpapers I've seen so far.

I haven't browse the entire site so I'm pretty sure there's more that that. The wallpapers are really beautiful, you want to have multiple of 'em but you can't cause one laptop only has one desktop [so far.. I think. ahhaha!]

There are several available wallpapers in line with Firefox, Waterfalls, Rocks, Clownfishes, Auroras and more. You can show off your laptops and open up with other users of the site.

There are also tricks and tips offered by the site. There are tweaks and you can also advertise. The said website has over 6,374 subscribers already.

Now what? Wanna visit the site? YES!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Final Destination 4

Movie Time!

I checked up the movie listings of today's show in some Malls and was astound when I saw Final Destination 4 is now aired! Hahahha! It's one of my awaited movie ever. I've seen parts 1.2, and 3 and TOMC! [Todally Oh My CRUNKIES!] It's probablybe the best of the four because the movie begins in a car racing show competition! Whew! Can't wait for next week! Ahahha! Too bad I can't watck the movie on it's first day of air like the usual. EHhehe. I'll be receiving my weekly allowance next week since starting this day, I don't have any classes anymore. It's a one-week vacation in Informatics. Okay.. back to the main topic, Final Destination will be seen in 3D! and TOMC! A movie like that would be very frightening and scary! Ahahha!

Above it the theatrical release poster from --> Really scary! This nail-biting movie is todally good, I can say! It's directed by David R. Ellis who is also directed Final Destination 2.

So here's the trailer..

Here's a link I made, if you want to visit the movie's website:

See you all guys in the movies next week!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ondoy Typhoon

Guys and Gals! I just finished a new video clip of Typhoon Ondoy that hit Philippines a few weeks ago. I uploaded it 3 days ago and now it reached 60 views! Bwahhaha! Isn't that pleasing? Ehehhe! Rate, comment and Subscribe! Nyahhaha! Muah!

My heart is completely torn watching many people's lives in Manila, via television show wash out knowing that I can do nothing to save them. But wait! Yea- we are no superhuman to save lives but we can prolong their lives through prayers, donations, and alterations within ourselves. I'm encouraging you all to help. Everyone of us has the opportunity to do so ^_^


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Business to Environment

Out of failed expectations came a great chance..

Today is a very wonderful day. Sam and I had planned this day to go together in Cebu Midtown Hotel for a business opportunity after schooling. It was about 5:00 pm when we left Informatics School and rode ourselves to the place. Sam was the one who invited me to go with him. He knew about the work we could possibly land on from a certain newspaper. He told me that the work is home based and that the only requirement is the ability to speak in English fluently. I affirmed to him his invitation two days before the day of the 'business hiring'.

My friends and I are money seekers. We always get into business stuff and indulge ourselves with trainings and business opportunities even at a very young age.

The day came and we were both in smart casual attire which was required to be worn as indicated in the newspaper. I honestly have not read any part of the article which is Sam's source of news but I didn't asked for it since I rely him. On our way, Sam kept on telling me that what he has said is about a call center job that is home based. It was something that I didn't expected to be but felt interested in. I don't want to be a call center agent but for the sake of money search, I won't allow that chance to be gone to waste. We were so excited of what the business work is all about. We strongly believed that it is a call center-related job.

What happened next? Bffft! It was a failure! We were almost late for the gathering but we walked slowly and formally by the Hotel's Hallway. We have arrived. "This is it Sam, let's hope that this is the business that will answer all our needs." I said happily. A guard opened the door, led us to the attendance booth and then gently swayed his hands telling us the way to the main room where the job-seminar takes place. I smiled to Sam as we walked towards the door we waited so much to open. A well-dressed woman opened it and what we saw first was something that turned my smile into a frown. It was a just a simple orientation of how home based networking works. "Hayst!" I said- showing Sam by disappointment. I wasn't mad at him. I just felt pain. I hurt myself because of having a very high expectation. I saw the same thing in Sam's eyes. He said "Another networking orientation again-".

A few minutes later, Sam and I decided to not waste our time. We left the hotel and went to a a certain clothing line building. Sam made me accompany him in meeting her friend who looks like Kim Chui. Ahahha- her name is actually Jane. Jane was on her way home with another friend who's name is forgotten by me [my apologies friend!]. Jane and this guy were new members of just-opened organization in Cebu named Green Legion.

This Green Legion is concerned of the current standing of our environment and how to preserve it. The organization supports a product brand called Plantex. Plantex manufactures products made out of useless banana peelings and branches.

I told Jane and his friend to allow us in going to their headquarters and elaborate to Sam and I the good things about their organization and I was so grateful that they didn't hesitated. Their office/hq was great, clean, and so environmental. Sam and I were given a free seminar that was not boring and so informative! We got back to SM to take dinner. I arrived home this day quite late thought we rode the taxi to save time. Words can't explain how true and good the Environment-related seminar we attended. The whole thing sure do alters the member's way of living. To make the long story short, if you buy Plantex products, you earn lots of money, help the environment and know so many people around Cebu!

"It's not like hitting two birds with one stone, it's hitting five birds with one pebble."
-one of the three seminar speakers

Sam and I are having no second thoughts in registering to become a member of the young organization. We are hoping to help in growing its number of members. The day turned out into something that Sam and I thought in the first place as a worthless one but then ended as a day which is fruitful and informative. Our thought and purpose of having a job became a chance we grabbed to help save the ENVIRONMENT.

Wall Design

BIG Changes

So a Singaporean will audit our school and then almost everything physically of our school changes. Ahahaha! You really can't imagine the improvements that were made! Walls were repainted, ceilings were fixed, chairs were replaced, posters were mounted on walls and decorations were added to rooms.

For the wall design, the ones that I made [for those who don't tune in much with my blog, it's seen in my previous blog posts] were done but turned out to be useless because they were all taken away from the walls. Sir Mardi, who was the head of the entire school, was not that impressed with our work. And yes, it's true. Everyone of us who made the design admitted that it wasn't the best we did because we lack time. Sir Mardi understood and gave us another chance but this chance is really good.

The wall design-volunteer-making turned into a contest. WHOever makes the best design will have a free dinner with friends [for the first placer] then for the second and third placer, the award will be free movie viewing with friends. Great isn't it? SO what I did after the announcement, I got home and planned right away the design I'll be making. It's not that haven't eaten in a fancy restaurant for dinner for a long time but I just want to treat my friends back in Tupas.

After a few days, I found out that it was only me who was so eager to pass an entry for the simple contest and in the end, I was really the only one who passed! None of my classmates passed any entry. Ahahha! But, duh! why should they? They have lots of money. They could even pay for a dinner of the whole community in their place, if I know. Aahha. So that's it.

I don't know if Sir Mardi will still be giving the prize but I'll be reminding him about it, in case he's forgetting to give a free dinner for me and my friends. Ahahha!

I thought of the design to be somewhat- with a taste of vanity [which explains the rainbow]. I added up some logos and symbols of great computer companies and some software applications. And for the final touch, I took a styrofoam, traced the logo of our school and cut it out. I made the logo very special. I painted it with glue and sprinkled everything with blue silver dusts.

I was able to take lots of picture of the big wall design. I'll be posting it as soon as I can find a port and wire that fits to my cellphone connector :)

CPDRC Experience

the SHOW

The Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center once again showed off to the world how disciplined Filipinos are, specifically the CEBUANOS and I am so happy to be one.

Last September 29, I invited my close friend Shahanah and the others to come with me to watch a live performance of the world famous Cebuano Inmates' Dance. Only Shan had the vacant time to come with me so I invited some of my teachers and cousins but they were to busy except for Miss Michelle.

The above picture is situated inside the Tour Bus we rode upon going to CPDRC near Beverly Hills. We first took our IDs which are the proof of our free admission and free ride.

Suppose to be, Sam should be coming but he just woke up by the time we already have to go. He told me he was so tired and doesn't want to attend the entertaining program. "Oh well," , I said "-you don't have any idea what you'll be missing" I added on the phone. I wasn't angry. I was just kinda regreting for him for missing the opportunity.

We met lots of friends there of different nationalities. I was not that astound because it has been my second time to attend the happening which only done about twice a year. My teacher and friend kept on laughing while on the bus because they didn't believed me in the first place that there will 15% Filipinos who'll be joining.
Some foreigners took our pictures with them. Ahahha! Wherever will the post or upload it, I hope that'll make me even more famous. LOL. ahhaha! Anyhow, the guys enjoyed a lot. We were invited by a Korean guy with her girl friends to eat with them, dinner. But we hesitated. :P

Shan and I with some of the hundreds of Inmate dancers at the back. Quiet scary, I say! Ahahha. Cause you'll never know what's in their minds and what they will do to you since you're in there place.

Too bad I wasn't able to make use of my digital camera [for those who tune up my blogs, remember about my cam and how it broke] I had lots of pictures and video clips taken from Miss Michelle's Phone Cam. BIG thanks to her. ehhehe. Most of them are uploaded in my facebook account and youtube.

Well, that's it for now. I hope you all enjoy my short- essay of the day! Muah!
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