Thursday, October 15, 2009

Final Destination 4

Movie Time!

I checked up the movie listings of today's show in some Malls and was astound when I saw Final Destination 4 is now aired! Hahahha! It's one of my awaited movie ever. I've seen parts 1.2, and 3 and TOMC! [Todally Oh My CRUNKIES!] It's probablybe the best of the four because the movie begins in a car racing show competition! Whew! Can't wait for next week! Ahahha! Too bad I can't watck the movie on it's first day of air like the usual. EHhehe. I'll be receiving my weekly allowance next week since starting this day, I don't have any classes anymore. It's a one-week vacation in Informatics. Okay.. back to the main topic, Final Destination will be seen in 3D! and TOMC! A movie like that would be very frightening and scary! Ahahha!

Above it the theatrical release poster from --> Really scary! This nail-biting movie is todally good, I can say! It's directed by David R. Ellis who is also directed Final Destination 2.

So here's the trailer..

Here's a link I made, if you want to visit the movie's website:

See you all guys in the movies next week!

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