Thursday, October 1, 2009

Business to Environment

Out of failed expectations came a great chance..

Today is a very wonderful day. Sam and I had planned this day to go together in Cebu Midtown Hotel for a business opportunity after schooling. It was about 5:00 pm when we left Informatics School and rode ourselves to the place. Sam was the one who invited me to go with him. He knew about the work we could possibly land on from a certain newspaper. He told me that the work is home based and that the only requirement is the ability to speak in English fluently. I affirmed to him his invitation two days before the day of the 'business hiring'.

My friends and I are money seekers. We always get into business stuff and indulge ourselves with trainings and business opportunities even at a very young age.

The day came and we were both in smart casual attire which was required to be worn as indicated in the newspaper. I honestly have not read any part of the article which is Sam's source of news but I didn't asked for it since I rely him. On our way, Sam kept on telling me that what he has said is about a call center job that is home based. It was something that I didn't expected to be but felt interested in. I don't want to be a call center agent but for the sake of money search, I won't allow that chance to be gone to waste. We were so excited of what the business work is all about. We strongly believed that it is a call center-related job.

What happened next? Bffft! It was a failure! We were almost late for the gathering but we walked slowly and formally by the Hotel's Hallway. We have arrived. "This is it Sam, let's hope that this is the business that will answer all our needs." I said happily. A guard opened the door, led us to the attendance booth and then gently swayed his hands telling us the way to the main room where the job-seminar takes place. I smiled to Sam as we walked towards the door we waited so much to open. A well-dressed woman opened it and what we saw first was something that turned my smile into a frown. It was a just a simple orientation of how home based networking works. "Hayst!" I said- showing Sam by disappointment. I wasn't mad at him. I just felt pain. I hurt myself because of having a very high expectation. I saw the same thing in Sam's eyes. He said "Another networking orientation again-".

A few minutes later, Sam and I decided to not waste our time. We left the hotel and went to a a certain clothing line building. Sam made me accompany him in meeting her friend who looks like Kim Chui. Ahahha- her name is actually Jane. Jane was on her way home with another friend who's name is forgotten by me [my apologies friend!]. Jane and this guy were new members of just-opened organization in Cebu named Green Legion.

This Green Legion is concerned of the current standing of our environment and how to preserve it. The organization supports a product brand called Plantex. Plantex manufactures products made out of useless banana peelings and branches.

I told Jane and his friend to allow us in going to their headquarters and elaborate to Sam and I the good things about their organization and I was so grateful that they didn't hesitated. Their office/hq was great, clean, and so environmental. Sam and I were given a free seminar that was not boring and so informative! We got back to SM to take dinner. I arrived home this day quite late thought we rode the taxi to save time. Words can't explain how true and good the Environment-related seminar we attended. The whole thing sure do alters the member's way of living. To make the long story short, if you buy Plantex products, you earn lots of money, help the environment and know so many people around Cebu!

"It's not like hitting two birds with one stone, it's hitting five birds with one pebble."
-one of the three seminar speakers

Sam and I are having no second thoughts in registering to become a member of the young organization. We are hoping to help in growing its number of members. The day turned out into something that Sam and I thought in the first place as a worthless one but then ended as a day which is fruitful and informative. Our thought and purpose of having a job became a chance we grabbed to help save the ENVIRONMENT.

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