Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wall Design

BIG Changes

So a Singaporean will audit our school and then almost everything physically of our school changes. Ahahaha! You really can't imagine the improvements that were made! Walls were repainted, ceilings were fixed, chairs were replaced, posters were mounted on walls and decorations were added to rooms.

For the wall design, the ones that I made [for those who don't tune in much with my blog, it's seen in my previous blog posts] were done but turned out to be useless because they were all taken away from the walls. Sir Mardi, who was the head of the entire school, was not that impressed with our work. And yes, it's true. Everyone of us who made the design admitted that it wasn't the best we did because we lack time. Sir Mardi understood and gave us another chance but this chance is really good.

The wall design-volunteer-making turned into a contest. WHOever makes the best design will have a free dinner with friends [for the first placer] then for the second and third placer, the award will be free movie viewing with friends. Great isn't it? SO what I did after the announcement, I got home and planned right away the design I'll be making. It's not that haven't eaten in a fancy restaurant for dinner for a long time but I just want to treat my friends back in Tupas.

After a few days, I found out that it was only me who was so eager to pass an entry for the simple contest and in the end, I was really the only one who passed! None of my classmates passed any entry. Ahahha! But, duh! why should they? They have lots of money. They could even pay for a dinner of the whole community in their place, if I know. Aahha. So that's it.

I don't know if Sir Mardi will still be giving the prize but I'll be reminding him about it, in case he's forgetting to give a free dinner for me and my friends. Ahahha!

I thought of the design to be somewhat- with a taste of vanity [which explains the rainbow]. I added up some logos and symbols of great computer companies and some software applications. And for the final touch, I took a styrofoam, traced the logo of our school and cut it out. I made the logo very special. I painted it with glue and sprinkled everything with blue silver dusts.

I was able to take lots of picture of the big wall design. I'll be posting it as soon as I can find a port and wire that fits to my cellphone connector :)

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