Wednesday, October 28, 2009

my Blogging Resumes!


Celebrate! I'm off with studying for now. I'll be focusing more on blogging because I want too. Bwahhaha. Anyhow, I'm grateful with my grades. I just got it last week and I am so blessed for having only one subject having a grade found in the line of 8 and the rest in nine. BIG thanks to GOD! For my studying this term, I'm dealing it well. I'm under a teacher who is new and is really funny. I enrolled only two subjects and for those two subjects, she is the teacher. I'm glad for being under her but sometimes I admit that she's too strict at times.

Something I don't have to celebrate is that lost my Smart Cell Phone. It's my black Nokia 1680. I bought it not too long ago. I'm having no hard time in getting over it but I sometimes, there is this feeling that bugs me since my Smart sim is very valuable to me. Whoever stole my phone- I wish you'll live a sick life fool!

Moving on, Halloween is fast approaching and I am settled up with so many activities and parties to attend. In our school, there is no such thing as sem-break but we do have some whole months of no class :P [ahaha! still better than Universities-if you talk about no class days] My mother and sibling, Monic prepared in advance some goodies and tasty treats for whoever tricks and treats on the night of Halloween and boy! How I wish there will be lesser kids who will do such practice -so there will be more chocolates for me and my older sister. Bwahhaha! Just kidding fellaz!

the MOST IMPORTANT thing about this blogspot of mine is that- I you all everyone to know that I do sincerely apologize for my extended absence. I had gone for so long -which obviously shows in the number of blogposts for the month of October that I published. Sorry guys and gals!

Now, there are about 6 days to go for Halloween and 49 days to go before Yuletide Season comes! Let us all look forward for a day that is worth living whether with or without an occasion.

Celebrate Life Everyday!

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