Sunday, November 1, 2009

Michael Jackson's This Is It Movie

First and Last Movie of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson who is the King of Pop is one of the most talked about topic these days because of his mysterious and terrible loss. The entertainment world broke down for the unbelievable happening. While the others have moved on and some of Michael's fans and family are deeply hurt, Hollywood producer, director, film creators and so made up a compilation of some Michael Jackson's videos and behind the scene footages for them to somehow see a part of their hard work in the creation of the suppose-to-be concert of the century.

This all came up into THIS IS IT.

Not everyone know that 'This Is It' is actually a song composed by Michael Jackson when he was still alive. He was not able to finish it after the horrible incident of departation.

Here's the official trailer..

What's the feeling?

I've seen the movie. The feeling? The feeling is so awkward knowing your watching a person who is dead. Awkward knowing that you're watching an in-the-making movie show of a concert that is suppose to happen in a few months, a concert that ended up nothing because of the center stage celebrity's death. Never did I experienced watching a movie that in the end followed a very loud burst of applause! People clapped hardly in the theatre! I for one clapped with all my might. As what Madonna had said in Michael Jackson's wake, "..and damn he was a King!"

What's in the movie?

In the movie, you'll see how specific Michael Jackson is to his music. He stresses out everything in anything that he does from the tempo and rhythm of his songs down to the timing of choreography and lights and effects of his concert. The movie shows how his 'This Is It Concert' is prepared perfectly.

As all we know, or should I say the majority know, the Michael Jackson's This Is It Movie will only be aired on movie for two weeks unlike the usual movie air duration which is three weeks that change in a Wednesday.

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