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The Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, widely known as PLDT adds up more reasons on why we will be extending our computer usage everyday.

Introducing PLDT Watchpad! In corporation with Cignal HD, PLDT comes up with a new web service wherein myDSL subscribers can avail for free. What does it do and what is it all about? Keep reading.

If you're in a coffee shop, in a remote area or any place far from home wanting to jazz up your time by watching television while doing another thing online, you can now do so! Just open your laptops, open Watchpad and leave everything to PLDT!

PLDT myDSL Watchpad a 'multi task' program that allows you to watch your favorite local and international television shows and movies online ALL FOR FREE! That's it! ALL FOR FREE! Watchpad provides television, movie, game, online account even while on the go.

For those of you who want to have the watchpad program and/or those who have but don't know how to deal with it and don't have no adequate idea on where and how to begin, below are the features offered by PLDT Watchpad that will somehow serve as guidelines to you.

First and foremost, if you don't have any account, sign up. It takes only a few seconds to do it. If you already have your account, that's good ^_^

Above is the screen look of myDSL Watchpad being in the main menu of the program. Log in. PROFILE is the first menu in line. You can edit your it. Upload pictures, edit information and then do all you want. If you don't want so, worry not! There's no need to pass all the menus.

Next menu is the best part. TV! Hey, I'm no couch potato but I'm love movie watching and television viewing so don't judge me saying the line " part" describing the word tv :P Okay, let's go back. MY SHOWS is the second menu of the program which is a set of thirteen online streaming television shows namely: Pinoy Box Office (PBO), CNBC, Music Television (MTV), Go Channel, Animax, CNN, GMA, Cartoon Network, National Geographic Channel, Crime and Investigation Network, History, The Biography Channel, and last but the the least, Everything Entertainment. Channels perfect for the enjoyment of the entire family!

MY FLICKS channel follows. It's a set of our favorite well-known Indie Films directed and performed by our fellow countrymen and women videlicet; Cul De Sac, Numbalikdiwa, Manoro, Siquijor, and Kaleldo. Featuring the Manny Pacquaio fights: Dream Match, Battle of the East and West, and his latest- the Firepower.

PLDT actually gave a live video streaming of the Pacquaio-Cotto boxing competition. It was pretty awesome that we watch the real live video of the fight unlike the usual tv and website streaming where almost all motions where gapped with pauses and actions were late for more than 10-15minutes.

Opening Pizza-Licous game while watching a televsion show in animax channel.

Fourth on my list of Watchpad's menus is MY ARCADE. The menu allows you to play your favorite leveupgames online while watching your favorite tv shows online. The games are really fun. I tried playing one and the graphics are really cute and colorful. Ahahha! It matters for me :P

MY VIEW menu which is next to MY ARCADE is an original television show of PLDT. It's all about entertainment mainly hosted and Rhian Ramos and some popular artists of today. Band performances and fashion treats are the usual topics of the show.

I, commenting on a video of our intramural dance in facebook while watching a televsion show on commercial.

MY LINKS is the last menu, so far and is my favorite. Why? Because it is here were you can open the following websites and do all the stuff you want to with it while watching movies or television shows:,,,,,,,, spot-beta, Philippine Enterntainment Portal (PEP),, and GMA.

Once again, PLDT has produced quality service making the lives of the Filipinos easier! Until then gals and guys! It's time for me to open my Watchpad.

Here are two videos I want you all to see:

myDSL Watchpad features

PLUS! What's so shocking about this high technology service aside for all being for free?!? It's memory usage and CPU utilization is so small! It takes less memory than that of our iTunes program (for those who have ipods and ideas about music downloads know this) and occupies a little memory space the same to that of Yahoo Messenger! YES! Aahahah!
Plan 199 subscribers get unlimited DSL plus a landline and a WatchPad where Internet connection is at 768 kbps. No doubt, PLDT is indeed the best Filipino-runned company yet. Watchpad is another pioneer service offered to its subscribers.

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