Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Survival Kit for EVERYDAY Living

AL's Daily SURVIVAL kit

SOME PEOPLE bring together things with them that they need. Some, bring things they don't need but want.And some bring those things they don't need nor want but still brought. In some cases people have a set of things they always bring eventhough only a few are needed or the other way around. I for one am a good example of this kind of person wherein I can't deal well with my tasks without its presence. A day without any of this stuff would be a terrible day for me. It includes videlicet:

IPOD - Music is like my soul. I'll probably die without it for a week. Somehow, music is everywhere. I have no problem in breathing. I can hear beats everywhere and my mind is frequently preoccupied with rhythms. I hum anyway or sing the boredom away if I feel being choked. ROCK ON! \m/

My ipod nano, purple, is full of songs belonging in different genres. May it be from dance music to love songs, 80's tracks to modern tunes and beats. Expect all genres of songs in my 2 gigabyte Ipod Nano. And oh yeah- exclude the scream-o songs dear.

SPARE LOOT - Parties are everywhere! Parties are good money-dissolvers. Night parties, unplanned trips, direct expense are always present when you're a party-lover. And yeah! I am one. I never walk without money. But I've experience twice having to forget my wallet in going out of the house. It was no big problem that time. After all, I don't just place my loot in one wallet, I keep some in my pocket and as well as in my purse. Moreover- I have almost anyone to help me via communication device such as cellphones.

CELLPHONES - Uhuh! In my world, unlike probably yours, cellphones don't rule. However, they give incredibly wonderful role in my life. Having three cellphones, each with different sims, I happen to contact everyone I know in any time I leave or am still inside the house. Though cellphone load is not present all the time in my SMART and GLOBE Phones, SUN has adequate load for my usage. The only predicament is it's hard-to-get signal.

There is no big way that I get out of our house without a cellphones stuffed in my bag. They are like your friends staying with you because through them, you can communication in a single press of its button.

WALLET - When we speak about wallets, I doesn't always mean money. Wallets can contain so many things such as valued pictures, significant receipts, valid identification cards, some checklists and other small and thin yet personal stuff. What I value most that is found inside my wallet are some cool checklist of what to do next [explains how forgetful I am] with pocket-size pictures sticked unto it for inspiration purposes, and of course, loot [which makes me available all the time] I'll taxi my way if time will play with me, and most of all my cards [especially the advantage cards, Timezone cards, Health related cards and many more]. My wallet is really valuable to me.

PENCIL and PARCHMENTS - Ball pens will actually do. Anything that will work as a clear and clean writing material and something that can pair it up is very substantial to me. Never did my day ended without writing anything. I am a pretty forgetful person and I frequently compose write-ups whenever a wonderful topic pops up into my mind. At times, great ideas come and go during road trips wherein I hardly can't write well. What I do?- I use my cellphone. One good alternative to make me remind after the day that I have this idea and that thought and so on.

These stuff always go together in my bags. I love collecting bags, shoes, clothings and other stuff. There are some that I frequently bring everywhere I am but not as frequent as the things at the top. These some things include 'mouth-entertainers' -ahahha! It's actually a word created by my silly head. I actually mean stuff that enjoys my mouth like sweet gums, menthol candies and the like. Another one are chargers. Chargers for my ipod and cellphones. Lastly, my 'retouch-kit'. It composes of lip gloss, powder and a purple color eyeshadow.

That's it! Adventurouslei's Daily SURVIVAL kit. How about you? WHAT CAN YOU ALWAYS NOT LEAVE IN THE HOUSE WHEN GOING OUT?

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  1. AL is short for adventurouslei guys and gals. Don't get confused.


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