Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cheapest Phone: Cherry Mobile

Cherry Mobile Phones

"Before I talk about Cherry Phones, here is a short story that took place within this week that broke my heart into tiny pieces and gave me an idea to blog out about Cherry Phones..."

I have a very sad news guys and gals, I lost my cellphone. It's my brand new black-colored Nokia 1680 used for my Smart Sim. I lost it last Saturday in Parkmall or probably in the taxi I rode when I was on the way to the Mall. Hmf! I'm not that sad. I'm actually over it. All I'm worrying about for now is my father's flashdrive worth 1,200 Pesos having the terrifying memory of 8 gigabyte T_T . I actually lost it a few days ago and it really made my father so angry. The extremely bad news stated in this blog is that.... as a punishment of loosing my father's Transcend Flashdrive, he will no longer permit me to use our Canon Digital Camera! T_T [I thought I was about to die that time when he told me such punishment!!!!!!] But I accepted it- with full of pain, hurt and guilt.

SO that's it. That's the story. I'm so on with my Sun Phone right now because I no longer have with me my Smart Phone which is also the main reason that I'm planning to buy a new cellphone. Yesterday I roamed around in SM City Cebu's Cyberzone in the Northwing to see what's the latest phone. They actually told me something that is new and different.

Introducing.. the new Cherry Mobile Phone! Having the features of expensive and popular phones in town but with the cheapest prices!
Part of its main lineup are dual-SIM mobile phones. Some even have features rarely found in popular and expensive phones such as- live telecasts of your favorite local-television shows. The Cherry Mobile Company has a wide range of service centers and shops around the world. Okay, enough with the general stuff about Cherry Mobile Phones. Allow me to somehow shock yourselves about their new product:

It is the NEW Cherry Mobile Phone P1.

This calculator-looking phone is the most unique phone I've ever seen! Unlike common phones having numerous features that slow down your phone speed of processing, it has simple functions focused on only text messaging and calling.

Here is a complete list of its features:

What's another good thing about Cherry M0bile P1 is that, it's a stand-alone phone which means, it doesn’t use add-ons to expand its functionality. It's really so small that is sizing about about three inches. It's really great! I'm actually thinking of buying three of different colors; each one to be used in three different sims as well - ahhaha! But that wouldn't probably happen today. I'm happy with my Nokia phone and Sonny Erickson. I'll hook up with the two. However, I'll be probably off to SM this coming Monday to buy my very own Cherry Mobile P1 worth P999.00 only.

Cheap, yet efficient- this Cherry Mobile P1 is a perfect gift for holidays.

You can visit:


  1. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  2. Naks! AHhaha! Thank you- whoever you are \m/

  3. Hi Lei! Did you get around to buying that Cherry phone? I'm curious, I want to buy one too!

  4. hi. :) where can i buy the Cherry Mobile Phone P1? thanks!! :D

  5. To curious_girl:

    Hey curious_girl! No I wasn't able to purchase one due to time constraints. You can buy one depending on where you currently reside. What's the place? ^__^

    To Anonymous #2:

    Where do you reside right now?

    To curious_girl and Anonymous commentor #2:

    You can actually have your very own Cherry Mobile Phone P1 from trusted gadgets stores particularly cellphone-oriented stores.

  6. I want not approve on it. I over precise post. Especially the designation attracted me to review the unscathed story.

  7. weeeeeeeee! my classmates also got this's really unique and cheap...they bought it for only 990php...:D they got the colors blue, red, and green...sooo cute...hehe..we usually mistook it for a calculator...haha

  8. Amiable fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.

  9. Opulently I acquiesce in but I about the list inform should have more info then it has.

  10. To Anonymous # 3
    Thank you! God Speed!

    To Anonymous # 4
    Keep posted with my blog! \m/

    To Anonymous # 5
    All the basic information about this phone is already cited above. What do you want to know more about it that I failed to tell?

  11. hey! as we can see your P1 pictures, it is not the same on the P1 Original phones.. they are different to each other like the keypad and the side color.

  12. Where Can I buy one? Can you give me a specific location where? E-mall ba, sm or ayala? And if You know a stall in those malls in which they sell P1's, can you tell me? I'm dying to buy one. really :))

  13. To Anonymous # 6
    Good day! Are you sure? I personally checked the gadget before I posted this blog post. The one in the picture is what and how exactly P1 looks like except for the size :)

    To Anonymous # 7
    Oh! Hello there Cebuano! Good question! I prefer you to buy one from SM City Cebu. Check out the stores at the Cyberzone. GOD SPEED on your look!

  14. Thanks! Might as well subscribe to your blog :))

  15. Genial brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you for your information.

  16. Nice post! How's the quality of the phone? :) Cute phone.

  17. To angeloamponin:

    I wasn't able to purchase one due to time constraints but I've held and used it. It's good. It's perfect for people who need simple cellphones (call and text purposes).

    Some of my friends who are professionals want to have one because they saw the difference of a phone with less features yet giving what's its true use is. :)


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