Sunday, November 8, 2009

Being 17

17 about me.
Seventeen random bits of information behind

In three months straight and a few days to add, I'll be turning into a debutant. I've been existing in this bed of Earth for seventeen years already and hopefully will reach to quite a high number. Here I present to you seventeen facts about yours truly.

1) I super love plants and planting and how blessed I am.. I have green thumbs!
2) I love giving presents to people. I love sharing things. The only problem is, I don't have adequate loot to do so.
3) I am very forgetful. I always create a list of what to do everyday including taking a bath, eating and so on. I bring it everywhere I go -except for the comfort room though(lol. that's super exaggerated).
4) I want to work at Starbucks Coffee Shop in SM City Cebu. The employees there act like me! They are so jamming and they look like the enjoy their work so much.
5) I want to talk every time using the English Language (like a host or being in a talk show).
6) I strongly can control my feelings of laughter and sometimes sadness. If there is something really funny that no one can ever refuse to laugh, I can manipulate myself to not laugh- not even a smile will be seen in my visage. The same with crying, I can control myself in not breaking down but expect that I'll be gushing so hard in a place where I am alone after that moment.
7) When I was still in elementary, I always wanted to become a farmer. I thought that it living in a Nipa Hut located in a remote village near the wonderful mountains in Cebu. I thought it would be the best while having only what you need- making the most out of simple things. But everything has altered as I've grown so much now.
8) I cannot swim.
9) I eat a lot. I enjoy munching food all the time but I still have the vital statistics most girls want to have.
10) I don't care with everything that doesn't deal with my life. I practice liberty though I'm not in USA.
11) I have short nails. I just wanna be clean.
12) I am moody.
13) If you've done something wrong to me, I consciously ignore it until you do it for the 50th time in short, I'm patient to things that matter to me.
14) I love champorado.
15) Sometimes, almost frequently, I don't care how I look physically because what I care more is on if I'm feeling comfortable with what I wear.
17) I only utter bad words if I'm losing my temper.

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