Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How I am today

Here are short statements that tell my concerns
and how I am for the week...

These days are so tough for me. Everyday, I go dull for more almost three hours because of commuting. If only vacant taxies pass unrarely in the SRP (South Reclamation Project), I won't be wasting such valuable time everyday. It sounds to me lavish and frail. Being aware of commuting everyday destroys my day. It makes me feel heavyhearted. But considering the fact that I can't afford riding the taxi ongoing to school neither forth going to school everyday with my unacceptable amount of allowance; also that I can't stand its unexplainable scent, I don't use such vehicle much in traveling.

My mind goes blank whenever I want to write. It's like having a side effect of my entire day being drained by school work. I'm partly blaming some of my teachers and friends for making me go cramming for early deadlines to beat, errands to run, demands by head organizers of out of school activities, obligations to be done with obviously inadequate time, expectations to live up and many more significant others to please and accomplish.

These days are pretty tough for me. Some heartily lended their hands for me to successfully finish my work. And for their help, support and care, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to my love ones: For my cousins Marvin & James, my very own Mama Dolly, My younger sister Monic, my very kind friend Shahanah, my Auntie Mary Anne, favorite Uncle Noel and most especially to GOD who is the paramount giver of all! You all felt sad for my weakness that made me feel so loved! You made me happy.

I've been contemplating for an hour of something really worthless- it's about what will I do if I'll get one Starbucks limited edition 2010 planner. Well, pretty much of this day, I consider myself as a Starbucks addict only because I'm dying to redeem their Limited 2010 Planner. In line with that, of course you have to purchase their products. And speaking of purchasing Starbucks products, I've been buying their beverages often nowadays just to own ONE Planner! Wish me blessings guys and gals!

much love,
adventurouslei 2009

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