Thursday, November 19, 2009

What's up with this Week

What's up with with this Week

What a week! So many activities had been undergone by me. It has served me a plethora of good NEWS. A new week of adventure and trips will be taken again but before anything else, here are some things I want to share to you all. By the way, I would like to thank the people who avidly followed my blog. Aahhah! Tons of messages landed on my desktop be being absent in publishing blogposts for almost a week . That's I think really awesome.

Ripples of Hope

Get ready to rekindle your faith in God and in Man and watch 'Ripples of Hope' a stage play about the lives of Saint Vincent de Paul and Daint Louise de Marillac. December 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, and 13, 2009 are the dates where the play shows. Same in all the dates, the play starts 7:00 pm to be held at the Colegio De La Immaculada, Cebu Auditorium [45 Gorordo Avenue, P.O. Box 221, Philippines 6000].

Tickets are sold for 200 pesos down to 100 pesos. Seats of the 200 pesos-worth tickets are good! I recommend to you choose it over the 100 peso-worth ticket, if ever you're planning to watch the play. I myself will be watching it. What's so great about this to me is that my younger sister Michelle is a part of this stage play. Attend the activity if you want to know her role.

For inquiries:
telephon numbers: +6332-232-9780, +6332-232-9787
Fax number: +6332-232-4629

See you all there!

Otaku Fest

For those of you here who doesn't have any idea what Otaku Fest is, read along. If you already have a full idea of the event's concept, skip this paragraph. Okay. so Otaku Fest is is an event most-awaited by Manga, Anime, Japanese culture fanatics. It's an event where kids of all ages who love cosplaying, photography, Poster Making, Dota Tournament and now, singing attend.

As usual, everything will be held at the University of the Philippines-Cebu Grounds. Slated on the dates December 12 and 13 of this year.

Set on the deadline last October, the registration for the cosplay competition was moved due to insistent popular demand. I requested though I won't be joining. Ahahha! It would be better if many will join right? :P Remember the saying that goes "The more, the merrier."

Everyone is going to be there so don't miss it!
I wanna visit Otaku On Multiply

Same with big Sister

My younger sister Monic represented her school in a on-the-spot painting contest and I'm so happy that yesterday, she was awarded as second placer. Among the five well-known schools [don't expect that I'll be citing school names], she won over Talisay's best schools in line with computers, sciences and art. It's really good knowing that your younger sister used your painting materials XD the ones I used every time I get to join poster making/ drawing contests.

Too bad she won't have her painting for now. It is displayed in her school. She told me that the canvass she used will be returned to her by January [that's a long time] so I'll probably be posting it on January as well. I'm so proud for her and I'm hoping that she can beat me someday. That thing only happens if she'll win in PLDT's Annual Poster Making Contest [whole Philippines] third place.

Pilipinas got talent

Cebuano! Do you have a talent? Scratch that. What's your talent? It's time to show off to the whole nation or the world what you got. Inspired by the foreign show 'Britains Got Talent', ABS-CBN Broadcasting Network creates the Philippine version of the hit show. Its ultimate aim is to see the best talent the Filipinos have whether presenting in group or just alone regardless of gender, age, religion, kind, color, hometown and everything!

Hoping for numerous Cebuanos to qualify, this television show will really rock the house down for it will surely give hope and inspiration for some of our fellow Filipinos who endlessly aspire for stardom. Hosted by Billy Crawford and Luis Manzano, the show sounds even more urging to watch.

The Visayas Region auditions are already done held at the Cebu Institute of Technology school. Everyone are geared up for the show to air on television that marks the beginning of the ultimate search of the best talent Filipinos posses.

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