Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Day of the Deads

November 1 is one of the days that the world recognizes as the day of the dead people. The day were most of the people choose to stay in the cemetery to somehow talk and reminisce about their love-ones who are already dead. Others simply stay at home and pray for the people they knew who have passed away. For kids, the month of November is the Tooth Fairy's best friend. Children around the globe would mark their calendars and count down the days until the Halloween. Halloween simply means tricks and treats for them which explains the relation of Tooth Fairy from the previous line.

Several people, perhaps families would throw a Halloween Parties which is one way to gather up all its members. Most people perceive Halloween as the scariest day in London. I kinda have a notion why is it so but I better not post why. I'm not sure about it anyway.

For today, I'm busy having my very own DVD Mode, eating some goodies I just bought from the mall, Sound Trip, and most importantly -spending quality time with my family here in Tupas. Ehehhe.

Happy Halloween guys and gals!
Have a SPOOK-tacular NIGHT!


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