Friday, July 30, 2010

Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort Celebrates 21st Anniversary

With the theme 'Coming Together at 21', Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort celebrated its 21st Anniversary last July 21, 2010. The media were invited to witness the wholesome gathering  to help them disseminate the news that they're stepping another milestone.

Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort opened its doors on July 21, 1989. At the start, it had only 40 employees and 35 rooms. Now, the resort has grown with up to 350 employees and 158 rooms and suites. Moreover, it offers a wide array of services including Airline booking, Luxury Sightseeing, On-call Company Doctor, Business Center, Tourist Transport, Currency Exchange, Beauty Salon, WIFI Hotspots and so much more.

Years rolled by and the booming resort has made great feats making itself an all-around provider of a guest's ultimate recreation from scuba diving to snorkeling; clay tennis court to life-size chessboard; beach volleyball to table tennis ; children's playground to kiddie playroom and many more! 

Maribago, then, has renovated and added restaurants, improved menu offerings-focusing on quality and expanded selections. Expansions were also made that paved the way of opening  Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort and Panglao Bluewater Beach Resort.

Twenty-one years of excellence. Twenty-one years and still counting. Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort has redefined Filipino service for 21 years and for that, 21 pioneering employees and industry suppliers were given recognition on the night of the celebration.

The resort has helped much in the society for they are an active local employer. They also protect the seas and natural resources. They preserve the environment and conserve water resources for they have their Blue Goes Green program.

From a handful local travel agents when they started, they now have more than 500 active travel agents worldwide.

Changes where everywhere for Maribago. All of it contributed to what is is today- a premier destination in Cebu.

Twenty-one years of excellence. Twenty-one years and still counting. Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort has redefined Filipino service for 21 years and for that, 21 pioneering employees and industry suppliers were given recognition on the night of the celebration.

During the program, Filipino Cultural Presentations were showcased for all the guests including well-known personalities of Cebu. 

The Dinner Buffet followed after giving recognition to Maribago's Top 21 producers of the resort. A live performance was showcased by Hardwood Band at the end of the gathering that truly added to the tropical ambiance.

Congratulations to Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort! May you have more decades to come. Continue making Cebu proud of you!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Make Your Own Havaianas Year 5

Power Plant Mall brings you the most awaited flip-flop event in the country! The Make Your Own Havaianas 2010! Celebrate 5 years of chic and colorful customization!

Havaianas is the first flip flops brand to offer pair customization in the country. Its Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH) Event has always given the Filipinos the chance to unleash their mind's creativity and pour it out unto designing their very own slippers.

Now on it's fifth year, expect more colors, more sizes and more designs! Look forward to a wide selection of pins, soles, straps and all things stylish. Because this year is special, Havaianas offers a number of stylish, new options - from silver Letter Pins and Swarovski-Studded Pins to Jelly, Fluorescent and Glow-In-The-Dark straps and a Philippine-designed Commemorative Sole and Pin.

This year’s MYOH provides more style options than ever before -a perfect reason to add more flair to your favorite Havaianas pair.

There is no other place to go but at the Northwing Atrium of SM City Cebu from July 30 to August 2,2010, mall hours for the most exciting slippers event of the year!

Don't dare miss this! Flaunt your new footwear embellished with your handpicked accessories. Make your own Havaianas!

Visit the official Havaianas Philippines Website here. Make your own MYOH Masterpiece hereFor more MYOH Event details, read here. See you all there!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

TeeDee-Hear and Wear: Reviving Bands and their Music

Torrents, piracy, e-radio and free digital media are proliferating all over the internet. True and devastating. Its creators made the lives of music-lovers easy, convenient and penny-wise but on the contrary, it's making the lives of music creators hard to handle. In the context of a third-world country's music scene, passing on a CD you love to another friend who might also discover and love it may seem like the most logical action.

"Music is now ill in Cebu." says Sonic Boom Music Producer and famous band manager, Alex "Phat Boy" Lim during the TeeDee Press Conference held at the Outpost Restobar last July 17, 2010. He asserted that truly, everything changes-even music and perhaps, there will come a day that nobody will buy original albums. "It's not shocking to know some countries having no music albums sold. Our country will somehow be one of them but that is not today. We all should rely on the progress of time on when to adapt the new trend of music playing."

Everyone knows the fact that it isn't indicative of how the audience value artists. The audience may have downloaded a band's music online but this doesn't mean that they don't like the band. They love it but they show it in a smart and stingy way.

So much goes into preparing an album. Any band dreams to have one but with the birth of portable music players and e-music downloads, singles market is difficult to revive. Because of this, unlike before, one no longer needs to plenty of albums to have a copy of the songs of more than one artist. One can just download and burn a compact disk- a stiff competition now for singles and original albums. Hence, TeeDee - Hear and Wear.

Sonic Boom comes up with a new avenue for bands who want to have albums. Not just plain albums- albums that will 'click'. As remembered, last summer, Sonic Boom officially announced that they are now a music and label company.

As for Sonic Boom, TeeDee is the solution of the predicament of Cebu's Music Industry. The name says it all: TeeDee. A t-shirt with a CD. The philosophy behind the TeeDee is simple: More bang for your buck.

TeeDee has a lot of good things to give effect in the Music Industry. It is good because it introduces a band in a cost effective way. Moreover, it's a way of promoting two companies in one product.


  • AFFORDABLE : For only Php500.00, you get a high-quality shirt with your favorite band's cd album cover printed in front. Aside from that, you'll get one of the band's hit albums.
  • ART + MUSIC: TeeDee is a cross colaboration of printing and recording. Renowned art-scene superstars creating pieces inspired by a specific band’s sound — music you can see.
  • FIT: There are 5 sizes to choose from! Sizing is based on numbers, making Size 1 the smallest (XS) and Size 5 the largest (XL). Special sizes are also available by order.
  • MUSIC: Let the band give you a unique aural experience: three tracks, handpicked by the band for your listening pleasure.  As if that were not enough, the lyrics of the single are printed inside the shirt in the vocalist’s handwriting; along with autographs of all the members.
  • LIMITED: You will own a collector’s item! There is a limit in Sonic Boom' production of TeeDees per batch.

Featured Bands
December Avenue "Time To Go" - Curious Wiji
Gasulina "Risk Addicted" - Nick Automatic
The Line Divides "Don't Let It Go" - Burito Machine
Subscapular "Telefication" - Alex Pelayo
Salaman "Soldiers of the New Age" - Bunny Pasig

TeeDee - Hear and Wear will be producing more bands to be featured next month and hopes to revive more bands and the band's music.
Incidentally, TeeDee is the new product created by Sonic Boom for their roster of artists that bundles music and merchandising. Anyone in the world can have one! For more information and ordering details, visit the TeeDee Website or TeeDee Facebook wear.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kraft Cheez Whiz Palamantasan

Grade school kids nationawide united for good nutrition in "Kraft Cheez Whiz Palamantasan" last July 17, 2010 in Lapu-Lapu Central Elementary School, Cebu. It is an inter-school competition among grade school students nationwide in a quest for nutrition education-the first of its kind in the Philippines.

It was 12 noon when the Cebu Bloggers Society arrived in Lapu Lapu Central Elementary School. It was so warm, as warm as the school administration's welcome to us: majorettes were lined up in front of the school gate; twirling and lifting their batons up & down along with the school's lyre and buggle corps who gave music tunes of today's songs.

We settled ourselves inside one of the school's office and feasted the dinner buffet prepared by the school for us. After which, we walked ourselves to the school's covered court where the program was held.

The place is spacious. It was dominated with yellow and orange balloons. Colorful banderitas were up on the ceiling and lcd screens were placed in front and at the sides of the stage.

The program began with some of the school's grade two students playing the Ukelele of the native song entitled "Pintik". It was followed by a chorale group who lead the invocation.

Roy Villarama introduced himself as the emcee of the program. He talked in English and Tagalog Languages. He then introduced Mr. Alex Dan Tacderas, Category Manager for Cheese and Spoonables, Kraft Foods Philippine who welcomed everyone in the program. 

Mr. Tacderas stressed out the saying "A picture paints a thousand words." relating to a picture of malnurished children and the future of their lives. He also highlighted in his speech, a recent studey about the nutrition status of the children in the Philippines. He said that approximately 8 million Filipino Children are malnurished and that it is such an alarming news.

Mr. Tacderas also told a story. Read along.
There was a young man walking on the shore one day and as he walked, he saw many starfishes drifted into the shore. He was walking until he saw a young boy throwing the starfishes back into the sea. The young man approached the boy and asked, "What are you doing?". The young boy replied, "I'm trying to save the starfishes so I'm throwing them back to the sea". The young man laughed and said, "You're just wasting your time, nothing can make a difference". But the young boy ignored the young man and still continued to throw the starfishes back. He held one starfish, threw it into the sea and said, "There, I made a difference".
It was a very informative and inspiring message by Mr. Tacderas. After his talk, the host called on Mrs. Lucia Zapanta, the school's principal who expressed her heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended and most especially to Kraft Foods Philippines. "Our school is so blessed with people from Kraft Cheez Whiz. This is the first time that someone used our school as a venue for a certain event that supports good health and proper education." says Mrs. Zapanta. "Because of this event, our students will for sure learn more and be inspired to study more." she adds.

After the opening of the program, the host gave everyone a brief overview of the event. He then narrated the focus of the show: the five Contest Categories, namely, Sabayang Pagbigkas, Sandwich Art, Jarchitecture, Cheering Competition and the On-The-Spot Essay Writing Contest. He then invited everyone to visit the official website of Kraft Cheez Whiz Palamantasan which is who have some tidbits on health and nutrition.

Sabayang Pagbigkas was the first contest category given attention. All the contestants were tasked to memorize one common composition and deliver it on stage in the most unique way. The judges of this category were Ms. Cecile S. Boyonas, Ms. Glenda B. Pogoy and Mrs. Angelina T. Daguplo. It was participated by three groups namely The Mighty Six, The Cheezy Whiz and Team Aktibo.

An intermision number was presented care of the Ukelele Ensemble of the Lapu-Lapu Central Elementary School. They repeated their performance in the opening of the program; playing the musical instrument Ukelele of the native song "Pintik".

Sandwich Art followed. Mothers and their daughters had the chance to make their best Sandwhich they could make; affordable, delicious and healthy with Kraft Cheez Whiz as the main ingredient. The judges of this contest were Ms. Sarah Igoy, Ms. delia Pacaldo and Ms. Jessica Hiyas.

While the contestants presented their work to the judges, the school's chorale Group sang the theme song of the Kraft Cheez Whiz Palamantasan.

Jarchitechture was next. Three students, each with coaches joined the contest. Competitors were made to create a meaningful and attractive model out of empty Kraft Cheez Whiz bottles and any recyclable materials. The judges of this contest were some of the school's faculty and staff.

On-The-Spot Essay Writing Contest was observed next. This category actually, started in the morning but was given attention after the Jarchitechture Category. In this part, students were recquired to compose a write-up with a maximum number of two-hundred words of their answer to this Tagalog Question: “Anu-ano ang natutunan mo tungkol sa palaman at nutrisyon?”

Cheering Competition was the last category. Participating groups competed by presenting their best 3-5 minute dance routine of any song and another set of cheer and dance steps of a song from Kraft Cheez Whiz.

The judges in this category were Ms. Faith G. Bullo, Ms. Analinda C. Bautista and Ms. Floramie N. Macapaz. The groups that joined were The Magic Touch, Dynammic Force and SHE Bratz.

The Casinio Siblings broke the monotony with their song number. They sang the hit songs of Filipino, all-girl-group Aegis. They were spectacular- reaching the high pitches of the songs at very young ages.

While all the judges and their assistants totaled all the scores, the host called for games. He played 'Bring Me' as the first game and a set of 'Trivia Questions'  about health for the second one.
Many bagged home Kraft Cheez Whiz goodie bags as their prize for winning in the games.

The program ended with the awarding of winners and a message of thanks by one of the head of Lapu-Lapu Central Elementary School. 

Congratulations to all the winners!

Sabayang Bigkas 
Coaches: Sheila R. Dumagil, Lucena S. Ngujo, Sarah V. Igoy
 Teacher / Adviser: Shiela Dumagil, Lucena Ngujo. Delia Anongos, Jessica Hiyas, Sarah Igoy, Dalela Sumalinog

Name of Team: Team Aktibo

Sandwich Art
Dina Modelo (mother) and Zamantha Mondelo (daugther)

Coach: Susie T. Yu

Adviser: Verna Alipar

Name of Recipe: Crunchy Cheese Stick Wiches

Coaches: Emily Lou Curiba/ Dexter Postrano
Teacher / Adviser: Dexter Postrano, Estrella MaraƱon 
Name of Team: Ch-Wezzy Body Protector

Essay Writing Contest 
Montessa Despi- Grade IV

Cheering Competition
Coaches: Edlynne Baguio and Marian Dungog
Teacher / Adviser: Sarah V. Igoy
Name of Team: S.H.E BRATS

All of them will be competing in the Regional Finals this coming August 15, 2010. Whoever will win there will advance to the National Contest that will be held on September 4, 2010.

Congratulations as well to those who actively participated the event and of course to Kraft Cheez Whiz who made the event possible. Kudos to Krafts Foods Philippines for aiming high and contributing to the betterment of our future!

photo credits: Clarence Mongado

Friday, July 23, 2010

Inception Movie Review

First and Foremost
Director: Christopher Nolan
Writer: Christopher Nolan
Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio
         Ken Watanabe
         Joseph Gordon-Levitt
         Marion Cotillard
         Ellen Page
         Tom Hardy

         Cillian Murphy
         Dileep Rao
         Tom Berenger
         Michael Caine
Release Date: July 15, 2010
Running Time: 148 minutes
Genre: Action, Drama, Suspense

Movie Trailer

The Story
Dom Cobb is a skilled thief, the absolute best in the dangerous art of extraction, stealing valuable secrets from deep within the subconscious during the dream state, when the mind is at its most vulnerable.

Cobb's rare ability has made him a coveted player in this treacherous new world of corporate espionage, but it has also made him an international fugitive and cost him everything he has ever loved. Now Cobb is being offered a chance at redemption. One last job could give him his life back but only if he can accomplish the impossible-inception.

Instead of the perfect heist, Cobb and his team of specialists have to pull off the reverse: their task is not to steal an idea but to plant one. If they succeed, it could be the perfect crime. But no amount of careful planning or expertise can prepare the team for the dangerous enemy that seems to predict their every move. An enemy that only Cobb could have seen coming.

My Review
I watched the movie on the official day of film release, July 15, 2010 at SM City Cebu. Yes, in IMAX 2D. Overall, the movie is super good! I say, Christopher Nolan's a genius! His story of 'Inception' is truly unique and the actions of its stars are well oriented on how to portray the roles of the characters.

Though the movie requires total focus and presence of mind to fully understand the flow of its story, it's all going to be worthwhile. Your thinking efforts will pay off in the end of the show. It's a nerve-wrecking and mind-boggling movie- you have to highlight every detail to explain to your friend, who missed a part watching the movie, on why the setting changed in a short span of time, why everyone fell asleep in seconds from being so active moments ago, why everybody is floating, why everyone has to die and so much more!

'Inception' is a bomb of action and drama. It's full of thrill and mysteries that will drive your senses to be vigilant in every happening that takes place. The sound effects are perfect! It makes you feel that you're with the characters in the movie- every explosion, every crying and every scene; your heart will pump fast because of the surround sound of IMAX 2D.

Since it's 2D, the screen is pretty much bigger than your usual theater screen size. You have to move your head left and right and/or top to bottom to see the characters talking/acting their part- yup! That big.

To score, a perfect 10/10 well explains how good the movie is. I don't recommend you to watch the movie but it is a very exemplary film. It's something I honestly, don't want kids/children to see. This movie can make them think differently with their age right now or when they grow up. Their beliefs in life could change because of this- so please don't make them watch this until they reach 18 or 19 and above.

Movie Buddy and Sponsor: Sinjin

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