Sunday, July 18, 2010

Band Feature: December Avenue EXCLUSIVE Interview!

Exclusive Published Interview in Cebu
Hurrah! Famous boy band in Manila-December Avenue visited Cebu last July 17 and I am the only one who exclusively interviewed them for a published media. It was held at The Outpost Restobar around 10:40 pm.

In the year 2007, four boys; schoolmates in the University of Santo Tomas, formed a band and decided to compose and play songs that people could relate.

The all-boy band has gained popularity from posting videos of their performances in youtube that later on paved their way in performing live on stages of Restobars and Conventions. They have played in MYX Channel Live and have filmed a couple of music videos in their hometown.

The band was formerly known as Sense of Sound but they altered it and decided to start again, creating a new concept under the name- December Avenue.

December Avenue composes of Zel Bautista, the lead vocalist of the group who also plays the acoustic guitar; Jem Manuel, plays the lead guitar; Don Gregorio, plays the bass guitar, and Jet Danao who does the back-up vocals at the same time handles the drums.

The band visited Cebu first last July 15 to make their way to Bohol wherein they performed for two nights: in Bohol Divers Resort and in Tachy Bar. They went back to Cebu from the Bohol Island wherein they performed for the Cebuanos at The Outpost Restobar after a doze of interviews and live performances in a couple of famous radio stations in the province.

Adventurouslei  talks with December Avenue

Your band's name used to be Sense of Sound, why did you altered it into December Avenue?
"Our band has undergone some struggles so we decided to have a new name that sounds inspiring. The month of December is a very happy month for all of us. It marks the end and beginning of things. It's like a bridge that connects the past to a new life." Zel says.

Why do you choose playing acoustic, rock and alternative songs? Why not hard rock, metal or others?
"We write and perform songs that are based on our experiences. Our band wants to show something that people can relate to." Zel says.

This is your second time to visit Cebu, any food satisfying your tastebuds?
"Oh yes! We now have some favorite Cebuano food!" *chuckles* Jem answers with ease. "I love the Lechon here!" he adds. "Cebu's Potchero is very good." Zel says. 

How do you find the Cebuanos?
"Gwapo at gwapa" Jet answers quickly and laughs. "Gwapo at gwapa talaga." Zel approves.

What's the feeling of living-up your dreams now?
"All of us enjoy every performance that we do. It's just so fun and it feels so good." Don says.

Any questions you want to ask to your Cebuano supporters?
"Why are you so cool?" Jed answered.

You've got fans out there. What do you want to tell them?
"They're not our fans." Jem exclaims. "They're our friends." he adds. "We are so thankful for having them." "Keep on listening to our songs." Jet answers. "We hope they'll continue supporting us and in return, we will perform and compose more music that will suit their situation and will make them feel good." Don talks.

It was so much fun conversing with the band members of December Avenue. They are all friendly and open. Kudos to them and to their music!

December Avenue's music is available for streaming on Nokia and Myspace.


  1. "Why are you so cool?" <--- unsa iya pasabot sa cool? hehehe

  2. go uste!! i'll check their songs on youtube...

  3. @Clarence: Hahaha! I believe nga iyang pasabot kay why are we so interesting and fun to be with. Ahahha! :)

  4. "Why are you so cool?"
    - 'coz we are cool ;)

  5. "Why are you so cool?"
    COOLot? awww bwahahaha

  6. Bitaw sah? AHhaha! mCoolot. Ahahha!

  7. bakit nawala na si JB sa drums? nun sense of sound palang sila..


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