Tuesday, July 27, 2010

TeeDee-Hear and Wear: Reviving Bands and their Music

Torrents, piracy, e-radio and free digital media are proliferating all over the internet. True and devastating. Its creators made the lives of music-lovers easy, convenient and penny-wise but on the contrary, it's making the lives of music creators hard to handle. In the context of a third-world country's music scene, passing on a CD you love to another friend who might also discover and love it may seem like the most logical action.

"Music is now ill in Cebu." says Sonic Boom Music Producer and famous band manager, Alex "Phat Boy" Lim during the TeeDee Press Conference held at the Outpost Restobar last July 17, 2010. He asserted that truly, everything changes-even music and perhaps, there will come a day that nobody will buy original albums. "It's not shocking to know some countries having no music albums sold. Our country will somehow be one of them but that is not today. We all should rely on the progress of time on when to adapt the new trend of music playing."

Everyone knows the fact that it isn't indicative of how the audience value artists. The audience may have downloaded a band's music online but this doesn't mean that they don't like the band. They love it but they show it in a smart and stingy way.

So much goes into preparing an album. Any band dreams to have one but with the birth of portable music players and e-music downloads, singles market is difficult to revive. Because of this, unlike before, one no longer needs to plenty of albums to have a copy of the songs of more than one artist. One can just download and burn a compact disk- a stiff competition now for singles and original albums. Hence, TeeDee - Hear and Wear.

Sonic Boom comes up with a new avenue for bands who want to have albums. Not just plain albums- albums that will 'click'. As remembered, last summer, Sonic Boom officially announced that they are now a music and label company.

As for Sonic Boom, TeeDee is the solution of the predicament of Cebu's Music Industry. The name says it all: TeeDee. A t-shirt with a CD. The philosophy behind the TeeDee is simple: More bang for your buck.

TeeDee has a lot of good things to give effect in the Music Industry. It is good because it introduces a band in a cost effective way. Moreover, it's a way of promoting two companies in one product.


  • AFFORDABLE : For only Php500.00, you get a high-quality shirt with your favorite band's cd album cover printed in front. Aside from that, you'll get one of the band's hit albums.
  • ART + MUSIC: TeeDee is a cross colaboration of printing and recording. Renowned art-scene superstars creating pieces inspired by a specific band’s sound — music you can see.
  • FIT: There are 5 sizes to choose from! Sizing is based on numbers, making Size 1 the smallest (XS) and Size 5 the largest (XL). Special sizes are also available by order.
  • MUSIC: Let the band give you a unique aural experience: three tracks, handpicked by the band for your listening pleasure.  As if that were not enough, the lyrics of the single are printed inside the shirt in the vocalist’s handwriting; along with autographs of all the members.
  • LIMITED: You will own a collector’s item! There is a limit in Sonic Boom' production of TeeDees per batch.

Featured Bands
December Avenue "Time To Go" - Curious Wiji
Gasulina "Risk Addicted" - Nick Automatic
The Line Divides "Don't Let It Go" - Burito Machine
Subscapular "Telefication" - Alex Pelayo
Salaman "Soldiers of the New Age" - Bunny Pasig

TeeDee - Hear and Wear will be producing more bands to be featured next month and hopes to revive more bands and the band's music.
Incidentally, TeeDee is the new product created by Sonic Boom for their roster of artists that bundles music and merchandising. Anyone in the world can have one! For more information and ordering details, visit the TeeDee Website or TeeDee Facebook wear.

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