Sunday, July 11, 2010

IMAX 3D Press Screening

The biggest screen in Cebu is finally open! It is housed inside SM Cebu Cinema 4. It is IMAX 3D Theater- the first outside Metro Manila and third in the Philippines.

The IMAX Theater is coined as the ultimate movie experience because it is the world's most advanced digital theater system. After a Sticker Campaign and Fashion Show done to thrill the Cebuanos up about IMAX at the SM City Cebu grounds a week ago, a press screening was observed and medias were invited. I for one was there with my friends- the Cebu Bloggers Society.

Before the movie-watching began, Mr. Allan Florendo, the Head of Marketing of SM City Cebu gave a brief background of IMAX 3D to its first ever viewers. He talked about the history & statistics of ticketing sales of IMAX and elaborated on why it is the best theater yet in the world.

The Cebu Digital Photographers were there! Hurrah! Hey thur photography friends! :)

Press Kits were distributed to media peeps :)

This is the Food Area. Of course, my favorite :))

The waiting hall.

Free food and beverage for everyone!

As always, camwhoring filled the atmosphere before and after the event! Click!* Click!* Click!* all DSLRS and Point and Shoot cameras out! :D

Shoot. Shoot. Shoot!

The first ever IMAX Theater aired the blockbuster movie- AVATAR (3D). Yes. That is the film that we watched. I've watched the movie in one of SM City Cebu's Digital Theater System and it's one good thing to see for myself the difference between the two; on how really good is IMAX 3D Theatre.

On our way inside the Cinema. Excited!

James Cameron's phenomenal movie, Avatar is truly a hit in the world of films. Watching it in an ordinary theater is good. You get to hear, see and feel the movie in the screen where it is projected. Well, if you believe me, you have to watch it in IMAX. If you say Avatar is a very good movie then expect more in the second time you'll watch it in IMAX!

You'll Hear More! See More! Feel More! Once you'll wear the IMAX Glasses, you'll begin to see the images in the screen going out. You would extend your arm to reach it; proving yourself that it isn't real. You would here perfect surround sound effects that even a drop of a pin is heard! You see the characters not in front of the screen but in front of you- walking, running, flying!

Kuya Rabsin, Mii! and Ache!

Pals on the stairway

SM Cinema is once again leading the race towards technological evolution by opening the IMAX Theatre at SM City Cebu. Don't dare miss the experience of the ultimate in movie-watching - IMAX 3D! 

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photo credits: Chai Rico, Nike Enriquez & SM Cinema FB

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  1. imax is one of the best things that happened. nice photos and great post!


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