Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kindred Hearts: A Musicale, the Restage

After the Big Success
Kindred Hearts: A Musicale was premiered last December 8-13, 2009 at SM City Cebu Cinema One. It was witnessed by students from the different colleges and universities from all over the province of Cebu as well as professionals, graduates, and the general public who greatly appreciated and enjoyed the show based on the various positive feedbacks that The Atrium Core Group has received.

In connection to the success of the production, the demand of the general public who had witnessed the event along with their noteworthy critiques, the Atrium Core Group who created the play are proud and pleased to announce that they have decided to restage the said play.

Yes! You've read it right! This season, Atrium Core Group together with Contemporary Thespians Club proudly brings Kindred Hearts: A Musicale, the Restage on September 29-30 and October 1-2 2010 at Ayala Center Cebu Onstage Cinema One. Heads up for a showing of a world class theater that will surely captivate the hearts of every Cebuano audience.

Adventurouslei is inviting you all to watch this play for it is full of lessons and stories that everyone can relate. Witness world class performance done by your fellow Cebuanos in their very own hometown, Cebu City!

 The Tale Told
The story revolves around Thomas Kent Galvez, a nursing student, who in one way or another discovers the worth of living and the importance of filial love and companionship; but as he begins to change, he unveils a predicament that entails him to make a decision that involves life and death.

Proud Cebuano
This musical production is entirely original and proudly written by a fellow Cebuano. The music was also locally arranged and recorded by its very own cast and crew. Previous performances can be viewed on Youtube through typing “Kindred Hearts” in the search bar in the site. We have posted clips from the musicale and some music videos.

Watch to Help
Tickets are sold for Php150.00. For ticket reservations and information, contact by through these numbers: (032)5813679, (0916)7546649, (0932)6860315 or simply email the.atrium@yahoo.com.

The proceeds of the production will go to The Manna Ministry's "Adopt a Student Program", a charitable project which provides funding to well-deserving children who could not afford to go to college.

Schedule of the Shows

September 29, 2010---4:30pm
September 29, 2010---7:00pm
September 30, 2010---12:30pm
September 30, 2010---3:00pm
September 30, 2010---5:30pm
September 30, 2010---8:00pm

October 1, 2010--------12:30pm
October 1, 2010--------3:00pm
October 1, 2010--------5:30pm
October 1, 2010--------8:00pm
October 2, 2010--------12:30pm
October 2, 2010--------3:00pm
October 2, 2010--------5:30pm
October 2, 2010--------8:00pm

Kindred Hearts Reprise - Official Video
(Kindred Hearts: A Musicale Official Soundtrack)

Don't miss the spectacular work of the nurses in the province in showcasing their talents to the world. Watch Kindred Hearts: A Musicale, the Restage!

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