Monday, July 12, 2010

Adventurouslei Hearts Cebu

A couple of weeks ago, a new, good friend of mine in the famous social networking site, Facebook tagged me in a picture. It was actually a banner. The banner stated that it's from Island Souvenirs (IS) and they're having a contest. Whoever wins gets a thousand and five hundred worth of gift check in the said boutique & souvenir shop.

I didn't believe right away that the contest is real not because the person who tagged me in its said banner was a new in my friends list but because the banner cannot be found in the official IS FB Fan Page. I gave no notice to it but truly, I was interested in joining the contest.

Three weeks have passed and I checked the IS Fan Page. I was astound! The banner wasn't there but a wall post concerning about what contest as what the banner stated highlighted the entire profile. Waaaah! 'I need to join because I will win!' were the words inside my head after realizing that the whole thing was true. There is a contest and it's easy to win!

Over nine FB users joined the contest and I decided to be the tenth. In the night of July 8, 2010, I went to IS SM Branch and hurriedly bought a white IS I Heart Cebu shirt because I only have the black one. After which, I went back to my school and looked for people I know who had cameras. No one else did but Joan who accompanied me the whole afternoon. She helped me took some quick snapshots for the contest.

After hitching Joan's car in going home in Talisay, I went online and waited for her to send me via email the photos of me that she took a while ago before we got ourselves home. It was already 11:00 in the evening when I received my photos. I made some edits that took a couple of minutes- 35 to 50, yes almost an hour. Later on, I consulted to Ms. Jade Seducas and she told me that my photo entry was so obviously edited. I would like to thank her for telling me that. Because of her words, I realized that I might get disqualified in the contest if I pursue to use the edited photo in the contest. She made me think and know that raw pictures could be sometimes, better than the others. Thank you Ms. Jade!

It was already around 12 midnight and I finally had the chance to flaunt my photo entry. I used the raw photo after doing a little edit- side cropping. Nothing else :) Time was so valuable for me that night but although I have to work on things to make FB users 'like' my photo- since the entry with the most 'likes' will win, I managed to sleep. The next day was intense. I felt the pressure. The leading entry had 60 'likes' while I was in the second place having 20. Whoa! Not that bad, I say, but making other people like your entry is not as easy as it seems to be in my case because my friends aren't always online.

After fixing myself early morning, I commuted myself to my Grandmother's house and looked for my cousins. I made them 'like'/vote my entry and they did :) I was checking on the leading photo entries in the IS Fan Page time by time and the competition was so close. Six hours left to vote and I was targetting 300-500 likes. It sounds really easy but then again, it's difficult in my part also knowing that in the contest nobody help me. Haha. My family and classmates didn't even know I joined a contest such as this wherein their votes are needed so bad. Ahaha. Anyhow, I took my cell phone and rushed to the store; had it loaded and zoooom! I texted everyone in my phonebook who were net savvy to support me. 

I left the computer for a while and ate my late lunch. It didn't took a lot of time but when I went back to my focus of the day, I already went down to third place. Waaah! That fast! The voting was really tough and fun. After six hours of making my online friends vote for me, I ended up as third placer in the contest. I'm happy for having the place but I would have been happier if I got the first slot. The experience paid well and I don't have hard feelings of whatsoever; negative vibes in me.

The voting began last June 15, 2010 that was closed last July 9, 2010 at 5:00 pm. I joined the contest in a rush; competing ten early-joined fb users the night before the final day of voting. Who would ever thought that I would be the third placer? That's quite far enough in gaining back my late night 'like' works. AHHAHA! The experience was really fun and so good. I will never forget this :)

To see the official results of the whole voting process, click here.

Congratulations to Maria Rennelyn for being the First "Express Your For Cebu" Contest Winner! As of July 9, 2010 at 5:00 pm, here are the results:

1st Place: MARIA RENELYN with 255 votes
2nd Place: THRD ADVINCULA with 254 votes
3rd Place: MARY ANGELI BAS with 226 votes

Maria Rennelyn will not only receive an Island Souvenirs Gift Cheque but also and I ♥ Print ad. Congratulations to the three of us! Let's all continue loving the Queen City of the South, Cebu City!

I would like to thank everyone who supported me. The ones who voted for me and the ones who want to but wasn't able to catch up with the time. I love you all guys! Thank you so much!

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  1. lol. I got this info when a previous member of our school press, who works at IS currently, asked us to post a poster for them. I tried tagging people I know online who might be interested. It was close though, you may have won if you joined earlier. But there's always a next time. From your blog post it would seem you enjoyed the competition. Always have fun, that's the most important thing. Congratulations on being third place!


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