Monday, November 9, 2009

Starbucks Christmas Traditions 2009


Hello coffee folk!
Time flies so fast. The November Days we haven't passed are decreasing in number which leads us to the month of December- the most-awaited month of the year. The month were Christmas eve is slated and for that, great preparations should be made. Preparations -may it be emotionally, physically and mentally. Today I won't be stressing any of those. What we will be talking about is about Starbucks Christmas Traditions 2009.

Christmas day is so near. Malls will have their year-end sales, schools program Christmas-related activities, television shows launch Christmas oriented station ids and movie shows, friends begin exchanging gifts and cards, and of course, most people would attend parties celebrating the joy of our Savior's birth. Okay- I think I'm going to far --As practiced annually in the start of Yuletide Season, Starbucks Company unites with the people who heartily welcomes the coming of Jesus Christ. In line with this, they launched the Starbucks Christmas Traditions a few years ago. How is it done? Here...

By the way, I apologize for having my pictures in low quality. I only used a webcam for this because I left my camera in the house in Talisay (takes four hours for road trip back and forth)

People who purchase Starbucks products will be given a red card. These red cards contain illustrations of small squares having some Christmas details and stuff that make it look good. The squares drawings/illustrations will be covered with a sticker of its size every time the costumer/owner of the card buys a product. A product is equivalent to one sticker. A red card contains a certain number of small illustrated squares.

Everything I cited in the paragraph above alters yearly. It may or may not be that every product of Starbucks Company equates to one sticker and it may or may not be that there is a consistent number of small illustrated squares [which corresponds to the number of products you need to purchase].

THIS YEAR, you need not to drown yourself with 24 drinks unlike last last year's. The owner/holder of the red card is only required to accumulate a total of seventeen (17) stickers:

NINE [9] of any of the Starbucks Featured Beverages &
EIGHT [8] of a
ny Starbucks beverage of your choice EXCEPT bottled

drinks, bottled water and fruit juices


Toffee Nut Latte (hot, iced or Frappuccino®blended beverages)
Dark Cherry Mocha (hot, iced or Frappuccino®blended beverages)
Peppermint Mocha hot, iced or Frappuccino®blended beverages

Promotion starts on November 4 ,2009. Stickers may be obtained from November 4 ,2009 to January 6, ,2010.

Redemption of the Limited Edition Starbucks Coffee 2010 Planner starts November 4 ,2009 to January 6, ,2009, at all Starbucks stores in the Philippines only.

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