Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dizzy Day

Down on Health

Today is a super tiring day. I felt dizzy all day long -good thing I had spare time after my CS114 Class. Without it, I wouldn't have my lunch. After a few hours of hard schooling at Informatics, I commuted myself home. By the time I arrived, I changed my clothes to the usual ones I use when I'm home then directly faced the computer. I started working with the computer at almost 5:00 pm. Hours have passed, I unconsciously forgot about dinner but if I had remembered to take the meal, I would probably pass it on purpose to somehow save time.

"GGggrr!! The clock is ticking! Time is so valuable to me most-especially during times like these!"

Moving on, I've been extremely busy. I was in a race against time on updating my online accounts and tasks much related with school. To kill the monotony of what I was doing, I spent some seconds on plurking and some on taking a glimpse of pictures that serve as inspirations. I kept on complaining to myself about my tasks but I had fun though. I really felt the pressure. My fingers were in the All I worried about was my health.

"-Well, I worry about my health all the time ^___^"

Everytime I use our pc at home in Talisay over five consecutive hours, I always end up having a back ache and a VERY hungry stomach. I usually can't feel it while doing some stuff with the computer but by the time I stop even for just a moment, it is there when I feel pain and hunger. It's like everything is forgotten when I'm really hooked up with my work especially when dealing with computers with internet connection. Bwaahhaha! That's really true! My back hurts so much! REALLY PAINFUL! Hayst! Okay.. going back, I took the flashlight, turned it on and did some time check. Oh yeah.. for your information.. all our lights are turned off during night time [I mean.. duh! Everyone does that- or should I say majority does :P]our pc is place in the living room. TOMC! GOD! It's already 2:00 dawn! A stopped for a while and..Wwaaaaaaaahh!!

"Aray! Sakita!!"

My back made some crackling and hurtful sounds every single movie I made. It was really painful! Huhuhu! Good thing I was done with everything I need to accomplish that night. Celebrate! Yay! Ahahha!

----------- N E X T D A Y -----------

So now I'm done. The story I narrated above is what I have undergone mostly on the nights of October and hopefully that 'exhausting' routine of mine won't dominate my November nights. [God please grant that wish of mine ^_____^ love yah! :)) ]

The reason why I feel awful today is explained above. The story narrates the superb busy things I've done that made me EXTREMELY TIRED. I felt so busy the whole day. I felt so down that I could not carry my own feet. It's really intriguing to me that I feel this way because I frequently sleep during dawn times [around 1:00 to 4:00 dawn] and I don't get same feelings with what I got today.

Today is really weired. I feel like puking. I feel like a wanting of long sleep. I feel like I just don't want to move at all and stay on a comfy bed for eternity!!!!

Now, I wish that my full energy will somehow soon come back for me to accomplish the current tasks I'm handling and the ones that I'll be assigned to. GOD BLESS ME and YOU!

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