Friday, November 26, 2010

SM City Cebu: Buy Movie Tickets at Home

Absolute Experience of Total Convenience
High technology is truly everywhere. From cellular phones to portable music players, to the sleekest laptops and to several on-the-go gadgets- mostly invented for entertainment.

With the film industry growing bigger and faster, theaters continue to roll its way to improve viewing satisfaction. Technology stars its name again.

SM Cinema, the leader in nationwide movie screening has made another benchmark in the industry of filming. It has discovered a new way in defining convenience through entertainment paired with technology.

No more lines. Go Online! SM Cinema has fabricated a revolutionary way of providing added convenience to its costumers, across all of its cinemas nationwide. Witnessed by shoppers, bloggers and technology geeks , was launched last November 17, 2010 at SM City Cebu's The Northwing. is the newest website in the country that will bring you ultimate guidance in movies. The highlight of the website is the power of every costumer to purchase movie tickets straight from the comfort of their own home.

Why Register Online?
Signing up in the website will open you to a wide range of convenience in movie watching. You'll get up-to-date with the latest movie listings and events. You will, as well, receive special film promotion offers. Contests are in store for the online members to wherein one can can win exclusive movie items.

How to Buy Tickets Online?
So here is the big question- "How do you buy movie tickets online?" The answer is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Check it out below :)

You Deserve Entertainment
Everyone wants and needs entertainment. With all the hassle and bustle of work in school or in the office, one should reward his or herself with quality time with his/her family and friends. What could be better than movie watching?

Schedule a date now and buy yourself a ticket or two of your favorite movies showing this week. Miss not the pleasure of watching stories portrayed by your adored actors and actresses of today.

Watching a movie is not plainly for fun. Lessons are learned and in most cases, scenes touch and move you that influences your actions and beliefs.

Always, nothing beats movie watching in an SM Cinema. Name it.- they have it. Buy movie tickets now and head on to SM City Cebu for a movie watching like no other.


  1. Interesting and convenient. Thanks.

  2. I was really excited when SM introduced this. So convenient.


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