Thursday, June 25, 2009


I'm always busy doing stuff.

I frequently treat myself with food. Today, I made it more special. I bought not everything though, but more than half of what satisfies my taste buds.


code red!

Photographs might drive your apetite; these goodies are truly mouth-watering- if stomach grumbles, hand over your loot to your nearest restaurant or food shop.

Just kidding folks! Eheheh. Here are some of my favorite foods and beverages that I frequently eat in SM. The ones below are like~ just five percent of the food I truly love and enjoy eating!

  Mc. Donald's French Fries
 Starbucks Beverage
 Sundae (preferably Black Forest Brownie)
 Chocolates (OH YES! Especially Ferrero Rocher! ♥)

Sweet niblitz! Just how addicted am I with food! I'm really a thin person but it doesn't explain how big I eat. Ask Mr. Metabolism the explanation. Ahhhaah! I eat a lot. When there's a gathering, I'm always the first one who munches the food and surprisingly (to you) I am always too- the last one who finishes the food. I eat the big! Rawr! LOL.

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