Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tribal Gathering - Back to Basix

Tribal Gathering: 7th Anual Informatics Acquaintance Party 2009

OH yeah! Back to Basix
I've been hosting since high school. I talk on stage in concerts, programs, symposiums, meetings and a lot more. It's actually shocking in my part that a long dead air took place last night! Ahahah! That was pathetic. I laughed at it and I guess not everyone did. That's pretty good.

I arrived at Base Line at 4:00 pm. Only Robert Barnes, our Student Buddy Officers (SBO) president and Franz Bermudez, SBO Auditor were there with my co-host -Michael Sinjin Pineda and over-all Acquaintance Party head- Miss Jonafel Torreon. Everything were all set so I took my cam and started to take video clips. Afterwhich I began set my cam to pictures and took a shot.

WWaaaahhh!! It turned itself off! LOW-BAT! GGggrrrr!!
Sinjin and Miss Joan laughed at me and I was todally hilarious that time. I laughed at myself as well. But it's really mind-boggling.. I've charged the digital camera for 10 consecutive hours. Hmm.. maybe theirs somethin wrong with the way I placed the batteries in the charger. Oh well. Ahahah! I had nothing to do with it so my camera stayed in my bag the whole evening. Yes. Bringing the camera was worthless! Hmf! Anyhow, I didn't worried so much that time because I was so sure that my friends and classmates will take pictures of me :P lol and a video of my dance performance.

Uhuh! You heard it right! I'm back in dancing again! Back to hosting and back to dancing. Heheh! I hoped that the audience will admire our dance (Had Kuya Marvin Galuego as dance partner). And you know what? The audience did! AHaha! I admit, our practices were better than the actually presentation at Base Line -many agreed with me saying that. Hehehe.

Here are some photosnaps of mine which many of my friends have taken :)) Big thanks to them -I have some photos to post. Yippeeee!!!

Anthony was there!

My girl friends with Miss Joane =D

The crew :)

Jen and I ♥

Us at the table

Miss Joan, Me and Jen

The program ended so early. It was in our waiver that it'll end at 12:00 midnight but it unexpectedly ended pass 9:00 pm. Bwhahahha! So what did my friends and I do to kill the time? Check it in my next post! =D

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