Thursday, June 18, 2009

Character Elaboration


Allow me to elaborate not-so deeply the life of ANGELI. Okie dokie. words could actually mean a lot depending on the people who digests it in mind. Here are short phrases that expound a part of me.

MONOTONY Hater -uhuh! I really hate monotony. I hate stereotypes.

DVDholic - am I? SO bad! Certified dvdholic or movieholic! Oh yes I am! My day never ends viewing a single or even more than one movie a day!

Arff LOVER! - Oh YEAH! Rock On! I supah Lhurve domestic animals most especially dogs!

Gadget FREAK - dislike the word freak, though the term describes me well. I'm up-to-date with the latest high-tech devices elsewhere :))

MUSIC Addict - as for me, music can't be elaborated through words to understand more on how I'm addicted to music, ponder on this line: "MUSIC is Life"

MUNCH Master - sizes doesn't tell how much you eat at all! Nyahaha! I eat a lot! I swear!

That's it fellahs! End of BLOG two ^_^
I hope you enjoyed skimming!

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