Friday, June 19, 2009

School Evaluation

I'm now a certified ICIAN! An official Informatics Computer Institute International Student! Business and Information Technology course! Not to brag okay? I really am proud about it but I don't want to jump for joy in the streets for such attainment. That would be stupid and crazy. Nyahahaha! Moving on, I just want to thank my parents for granting my request of enrolling me at INFORMTICS! Thank you so much Mama and Papa! Muah! and to [lol. I'm like a host here thanking my sponsors :))] Miss Jill Scarlet Nueve who has been very supportive and encouraging in my process of decision-making on where to enroll for college school. I don't regret enrolling at Informatics -for now. Bwahaha! and I hope not :P 

Informatics SM Branch it fun to be in. The uniform is crazy. lol. Computers are flat screened. Yea. Internet connection -present, Course consultants are so approachable- I like that, and what more.. uuhh.. over-all rating.. 85 percent! Ehaheeh.. Have I mentioned that the teachers are great? Most especially the woman named Jovie Uy Aba :)) BOY! she sure do knows everything about ACCOUTING and BUSINESS! She todally answers every question my classmates and I raise! And furthermore, she discusses topics very well highlighting every detail of the book which makes my classmates and I learn so fast!

Here's more: English teacher Mr. Carter ..uhh.. sorry to forget your name Sir ahhehe. He's a Cum Laude of USC! Whoa! Amazing teachers! Really!

My new friends are really jamming and we keep on attending parties every night! So FUN and quite tiring though. Ahhahaa! Because of our trips, we keep on going home late at night even at dawn :)) MY mom doesn't scold me and I think that's good- ehehe it just means SHE TRUST ME ^__^ I'm happy for that. This is just a quick update for ya'll. Keep on tunning with the musicality and story of my life 'til next time!

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