Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dream Cable Services STOPPED?

Dream Cable CHANGES

The main reason why we are subscribed to Dream Cable service is because there's no SKY Cable connection in our place. We didn't knew how risky it was in the first place on the use of Dream Cable service since we never subscribed to any other cable operator eversince I was a child but SKY Cable. My mother and younger sister Monic, and I were really freaked out of how hastle is the use of such cable operator weeks after the installation! Unlike sky cable operator, we need to search for codes in the worldwideweb and enter it in the device connected to our television in order for us to watch tv channels offered by Dream cable which is called decoding. Hayst! It's really hell crazy but we got used to it after a few months. My mother, Monic and I (the ones who frequently use the tv) were happy to know that it will not be every time when turning on the tv we have to decode. A few weeks ago, Monic took the code of the day from the internet. A few moments later, Monic walked towards the tv. She didn't entered some codes into the receiver (device connected to our tv to connect to the cable signals) but instead turned it off as well as the tv.

THAT was odd. We always have non-stop tv and dvd viewing everyday especially during weekends and now, she turns the tv off? Hhmm.. there is for sure, something wrong. Monic spoke to me and uttered the words "Dream Cable is gone.". "Huh?" I said. "That's impossible!" I added. She told me about the Dream Cable being partly-hacked which is true (as stated in

To be honest, I am not furious of what is happening with this Dream Cable connection but it actually is quite stupid knowing you bought their receiver and satellite dish and just use it for a short period of time then there came a day wherein they'll stop providing you cable connections. There is nothing to worry about for those who just purchased the service, bought the dishes and receivers and installed the connections needed. According to, there are possible ways to clear up the problem but they can't say how long it will be fixed. Dream is looking forward to break the Nagravision 3 code to bring back the connections to our homes.

Nagravision 3 is hacked, but not fully. "Claims have recently been made that Nagrivision 3 is hacked in Europe" -a line from No codes will be coming out because the encryption of dream has altered. If there will be (from other sources), it is sure that it will not take effect, for the receiver we are using is set upped with Nagravision 1 and Dream has now shifted to Nagravision 3. Bell ExpressVU and Dish network usesNagravision 3 on the other hand, for the FTA receiver users, Dream can't assure of their connection to be back.

I can't wait to have our cable connection back. I missed a lot of my favorite television show episodes. Anyhow, there are also good things that are brought by the loss of connection like the lessening of our electricity bill ~lol and I got more time to study~ no TV temptations -bwahahah!

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