Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sam and Jen

Adding SAM and JEN into my FRIENDSlist
Grateful for having Shan and Jaja by my side as friends, the thought of having new buddies in school come into my mind a realization perhaps altered a bit of it. Queries like "What if Shan and Jaja will leave me?" and "What if I'll be meeting no good friends or those who'll be enemies to me?" I'm not bothered, actually. I just don't want to mess up with anyone at school but HEY! I love having enemies! I love having enemies because they make me strong. I even enjoy involving into commotions most especially when I am so sure with myself that I am the one who is in the right track or should I say, defending the right thing in a complicated situation.

And hey! What can I say? None of my queries above seem to take place. Ehehe. That's good, I say. In fact, I have found two more good friends. They are actually classmates of mine in a subject called VE 413 [Values Education ~ Christian Living in high school]

[from left to right] Me, Jen, Shan at SM Northwing
(my favorite place in SM)

Sam is really a cute guy who acts like a father in our group. Sometimes, he acts the way my father does and I kinda hate it :P [Peace out Sam!] Ahaha! It's like having my father with me all day. I encounter and mingle with my father every time I'm home, I don't want it to be the same in school. lol.

Like the usual thing, Shan, Jaja & I and of course, with the accompaniment of our new members of our circle of friends, frequently had almost all of our break and dismissal times together eating and having trips outside the school and in the mall.

Jennylle and I eating pizza at Pizza Hut

Photo credits: Sam and the waiters I asked to take us photos :))
Weeeeeeeeee!!! I love my friends!

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