Saturday, June 19, 2010

Move Over Summer! Hello School!

Welcome to the month of June! The month that signals the end of summertime and the beginning of class time. Are you ready for a doze of homeworks and school projects? At this point of time you should be. I hope you are.

Another school year is about to open in two to three-weeks time from today. Expect a blast of new beginnings- new friends, new classmates, new teachers, new place, new materials, new rules and new problems. Above all these, welcome yourself to a large window of opportunities.

It's time to flip new study-books open, start writing some important notes and make preparation for a big comeback in your Academy.

For some, school is so tough that they rebel themeselves from making learnings penetrate in their minds. Don't do that and if you do, stop it. Do not close yourself to a world of opportunities- education. It is something you have to use everyday. Take note that it is the only thing that people can't take away from you.

Welcome the new school year with a big bang! How to do it? Good question! School is for all. It's not for the genuine wise and clever people only. And the truth, everyone is! Everyone is wise and clever it's just that majority don't know how to open themselves and use it in the right way.

Intelligent people aren't those who easily memorize lengthy essays and answers. They aren't the ones who show up in school so early- an hour before the bell. Moreover, they are not the people who are the best speakers of English in the class. They aren't even the people who know how to to apply their learnings in real life. Yes. Believe me.

Here is a quick and simple test.

Answer this query: "What is a leaf?"

Well, what is your answer? You would say, "A leaf is a part of a tree.".
That's it. Just that answer, probably. Most people have that answer and I bet you know that.

The real intelligent people are those who answer wisely and correctly the questions being addressed to them without even prepared. They are the ones who have great ideas about certain things without the reference of books and others.

An intelligent person would answer to the question "What is a leaf" with a short and smooth introduction like- "There are a couple of parts of the tree. One of which is the leaf."

The person would add up: "A leaf is a significant part of a tree. It is the place where the production of plant-food is done. It comes in various colors. " and so and so forth.

To be an exemplary student, study all the time. Always, always prioritize your studies. Test your skills and capacity at times. Learn lessons and do some application. Furthermore, ask for God's guidance in everything you do so He'll enlighten your mind and all the aspects of your student life.

You'll know by then, when someone asks you about a certain thing and you find yourself  answering it basing your own perspective and telling him/her using your own words- you're an intelligent person! 


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