Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cebu Observes Fête de la Musique (World Music Day)

Alliance Française de Cebu, the Foundry Publishing, and The Terraces Ayala Center Cebu, brings you a night of thanksgiving; celebrating the existence of music in our lives for the third time here in Cebu.

Fête de la Musique or World Music Day will be stage at the Ayala Center Cebu this coming June 19, 2010. Be serenaded with the songs of Cebu beginning 1:00 until 6:00 in the afternoon resounding in the interiors of the mall. Then listen to the lively music from 6:00 pm onwards at the Terraces all in one day.

The drums are set, the guitars are tuned up, the microphones are wind up tight and the performers are ready rise! Enjoy the music in all its forms from Classical Cebuano, Original Pilipino Music, Disco, Pop, Jazz, Blues Hip-hop, Reggae, Rock and others all in one day in Fête de la Musique.

You'll be blown away by these artists and bands who'll perform for you:


Drawing heavily on contemporary reggae acts such as Big Mountain, Aswad and UB40, “Brownman Revival” creatively mixes the traditional roots sound of reggae with OPM pop sensibilities, producing a festive but sensuous strain of Lover’s Rock reggae, with such vibrant energy that never fails to leave crowds winding and grinding their sweaty bodies to the band’s euphoric reggae party.

French DJ, The Springmine Disaster started out as Jean-Gabriel BECKER, who moved to London in 1999 to pursue his life-long love affair with music in English. To promote the artists and releases of the record label he founded, he took on the moniker The Springmine Disaster and established residencies in and around London. He mixes his indie roots with electro, disco, and early techno influences to entertain eclectic crowds, educated purists, and party-loving hedonists.

With 5 studio albums under her belt and consistent presence in the Cebuano music scene, Cattski Espina’s eponymous band churns out a guitar-driven cocktail of sounds that could be pop one moment, folk in another, and modern rock in between. Whatever the sound and source of inspiration may be, expect lyrics that are real in their simplicity and striking in their clarity, running the gamut of human emotions, and packed into raw and powerful vocals that “leave the listener to keep thinking even long after the music has stopped playing.”

There are many bands in Cebu, but there are very few neo tribal rock bands. Fewer still are neo tribal rock bands which have the tenacity to improve their sound and broaden their audience. One such band is Sugbuwanon. From their early gigs at the now defunct Hideout, some band member changes, and a debut album, Sugbuwanon continues to hone their craft and attract new followers. Their lyrics are socially relevant, with the added plus that they can make you get up on your feet to feel the beat even better.

Composed of high school and college students from the University of the Visayas, the multi-awarded UV Chorale has been the pride of Cebu in the arena of chorale competitions. They have performed in Australia thrice and have reaped awards on a national level, as well as in Busan South Korea and Sulawesi, Indonesia. They continue to bring Cebuano-stamped music to the international stage by releasing a debut album containing classic Visayan recordings such as “Usahay,” “Bulan” and many more.

Juress the band was formed in 2005 with its first gig at the old Handuraw on MJ Cuenco. Their music is a blend of alternative, pop, jazz, blues, and rock, and is influenced by acts such as Heather Nova, Liza Phair, Jewel, Sade, and Frank! Their sound is familiar yet uncommon, and it’s hard to find another band in Cebu to compare them with. Their solid musical skills are fronted by a voice as unique as the name the band carries.

The band Hardwood is quite a little-known secret, but a very good one at that. They play Spanish guitar-based tunes reminiscent of Carlos Santana, and the Gypsy Kings, with some originals thrown in for good measure. Junx Muana, one of the guitarists in the band, is also a maker of specialty guitars, a definite plus for Hardwood’s Latin & flamenco-inspired music.

The band Powerspoonz is making their stamp on Philippine rock music history, with a couple of their songs hitting the national airwaves, and with new material waiting to be unleashed. Indeed, they do rock with their fusion of rap, hip-hop, and metal. Easily one of the most sought after bands from the Queen City of the South, their live performances are truly spectacles of power and raw energy.

In the summer of 2008, three brothers decided that instead of giving out Christmas gifts to their friends that year, they’d pool time, talent and treasure to come up with a full-length album. By December 23, their first “digital” album “At Last! Our First” was made available at their official multiply site. It was being given out for free. They have since added a friend to their line up and proceeded to make a name for themselves in the Metro Cebu scene, playing at album launches, music festivals, and were even featured in RCTV’s Tambayan sa Outpost programme. The name of their band is Bethany.

Rescue A Hero
The guys from Rescue A Hero knew each other in high school, lost touch, and got back together and formed the band as it is known now. Inspired by the music of Jeff Buckley, Dashiboard Confessional, Damien Rice, and Death Cab for Cutie (amongst others), they play music for the love, not for fame or money and are a favourite of the Cebuano skater crowd. Rescue A Hero is best experienced live, with the audience jumping and singing their songs back at them.

Turn your Saturday a music and bond day. Be with your family and friends and enjoy live music at its best all for free. 


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