Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Five Minutes

Just about a couple of hours ago, I went to the mall to fetch some goodies and a bunch of flowers for my grandmother. I wish to visit her in her house in Cebu City.

After pulling out some fruits and crackers in the grocery store, I managed to stand in line at the shortest one in the row of counters. There were over seven people in line and in a rough estimation, it will take me  more of less five minutes to have my turn.

I waited. I was right. It took me five long minutes for the cashier to serve me. I wasn't in a hurry. I just value time that much. You see- time so slow if you wait so you better do something instead of nothing when in a dull situation.

A realization brought by the situation popped into my mind. Five minutes is very valuable. It is a part of our so called one hour. It is a part of our one day. It may seem so small and little to be considered so important but five minutes is part of a year and a decade.

For hundreds of times, people get into situations like I did- wait for a span of time for something.

Time is so precious. I hope you all kow the true value of it. Five mintues of waiting- yes, quite long indeed. In line with this, I have come up a list of what one can do in five minutes or more rather than waiting for something doing nothing at all. Check it out below.

  • make a brewed coffee for dad
  • call and greet a friend
  • clear your bulk mail
  • play with your pet
  • unclutter your desk
  • fry bacon
  • arrange the foods in your fridge
  • ready your clothes for laundry
  • read the news paper
  • wake up your sister who is burning daylight
  • open your house gate for your mom who is driving the family car
  • water the plants

  • pile up trash the dried leaves
  • bury your garbage under your garden grounds
  • enjoy the terrific view of nature
  • pick up some liters scattered all over the place
  • write something about life
  • take pictures of the place

  • sharpen your pencil
  • jot down important notes
  • erase the writings on the board
  • make your homework
  • review your lessons
  • try out for a dance/singing club
  • read an article in your school paper
  • prepare your materials for your next subject
  • check the things in your bag

I guess that's quite enough to end this post. Haha. I hope I'm a big help in making five minutes of your day useful :)

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