Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Open Letter to My Avid Readers

Goodie goodie Morning!

The month of June of this year has been a blast of entries. It has the most number of posts ever in this blog of mine. Inspired? Yes but moreover, what triggered my inner blogging spirit to blog everyday were my free retarded days I had for the whole month.

I have been in the house for 8 consecutive days and I tell ya! It's super crucial and dreadful! All you do is eat and sleep. Sounds simple but if you experience getting stuck in your house for 8 consecutive days doing the same thing knowing you'll do the same the next day, you'll realize boredom can kill a person! I swear! Hahaha!

So to kill the monotony of my actions in all the days of June of this year, I decided to do what I love to and one of which is blogging. That explains well on why I have tons of blogposts in the month now. Okay, time to explain why I'll be blogging no longer than the usual, I do in the month.

Schooling time for me is about to begin because July is fast approaching. Super fast approaching! Yeah! Like I only have a few hours to make the day turn July 1. Hahahaha! Oh yea! Moving on, I do hard stuff on my studies and I prioritize it among all the things I do. I really work hard on it so expect not to much of posts every week.

Don't give me a grumpy face thur! :D Smile! It doesn't mean I'll quit blogging XD *chuckles* And the hell I'll never quit blogging as long as I have the things I need to do so :) You inspire me to blog blog blog readers! That's it for now :] Love lots! Thank you so much!


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  1. good luck on your studies. that should really be prioritized!


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