Monday, May 31, 2010

June 2010 Target Accomplishments

A typical teenager like me would not wonder if he/she has a list of his/her dream stuffs. I have lots of them. I have this big, black notebook which I always carry in my bag wherever I go. A couple of its pages are names of things that I want to do and I want to have in a certain span of time. Below are some of the things I target to do for the month of June 2010. Check it out.

  • HAVE A SUMMER VACATION - I never had a summer vacation in the Months of March, April and May because I was loaded with so many walks and talks. To make it up for myself, I want to have a late summer vacation with my love ones.
  • HAVE A PHOTOSHOOT - After the success I had in organizing the Alice in Wonderland Photoshoot a few weeks ago, I've decided to come up with another one that is cosplaying the Twilight Saga. Yippeee!
  • HELP THE NEEDY - this is something I always have in my monthly list of 'what-to-dos'. I don't have any idea on why I keep on repeating this task but this thing makes me feel really useful and blessed.
  • BLOG ABOUT A PUBLIC PLACE - I want to feature something people know so well. Perhaps a restaurant or a bar will do. I already have on in mind but I'm having a problem on getting pictures of it because I don't have a camera.

There you go, not my top four but one of the six things I want to accomplish within the month of June 2010. GOD SPEED to me, my work and to you reader!

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