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Amorita Resort: Your Place When In Bohol

If you only have a couple of days to stay in Bohol, you have to make sure that you make each day count. You have to get the best place to stay that could offer what other lounging spots couldn't and when you are in Bohol, the right one is nothing else but Amorita Resort.

Amorita is Bohol's 'beloved' or 'little love'. It is the only resort in Bohol that is perched on top of a seaside cliff overlooking the islands of Panglao and the famed Alona beach - a feature that in itself makes it a cut above the rest.

Once you get there, expect a very warm welcome at the reception area.

You'll be greeted with charm as you enter your room

Relaxation awaits you

One of the many views visitors get to witness nearby the infinity pool

Diners as well get to treat their eyes with the breathtaking view of Alona Beach as they satisfy their stomachs' cravings

Powdery white sand hugs the coastline of the island

Simple and clean pool side

Way to your private Ocean View / Garden View Villa

Kids can play at the Garden where a playground is set for their enjoyment

Facade of Saffron Restaurant

Indoor dining area

Outdoor dining area

Amorita Resort is the place to be when in Bohol. Many getaway destinations offer the same experiences and amenities, so getting things straight, how does it stand out?

Breaking away from the pack of the cobalt-water-and-fine-shore-flaunting destinations, Bohol has allowed itself to go beyond the usual sand and sea escape by offering travelers a distinct experience that shows off its artistic, cultural, historical and culinary values. And serving as a gateway to all the different offerings that Asia’s “Next Bali” offers is Amorita Resort.

“We consider Amorita as one of Bohol’s best-kept secrets,” shares Nikki Cauton, General Manager. “Resorts can either claim to be an adventure-packed destination; or a tranquil, relaxing hub. Amorita combines these two with ease, making it perfect for families, honeymooners, or tourists with diverse needs.”

Nestled atop a seaside cliff overlooking the famed Alona Beach, Amorita offers visitors what is arguably the most captivating view of Bohol Sea—a feature that in itself makes it a cut above the rest. “In a time when privacy has become the ultimate luxury, what we’re offering is the chance to be completely tranquil and undisturbed.”

And Amorita takes seclusion very seriously. For instance, each of the resort’s Ocean View Villa has an expansive pocket garden, a private “plunge pool,” and a sun deck that is ideal for intimate moments or a cold dip after a hot day of touring or sunbathing at the beach. Its Garden View Villas, Sky Suites and Deluxe Rooms, on the other hand, offer the same easy comfort and convenience.

In addition, Amorita’s Infinity Pool and Leisure Area allow guests to enjoy an array of activities without having to leave the comfort of the resort. Here, they can relax and enjoy a selection of books, board games, fooz ball or table tennis.

Amorita is also a place where you can enjoy both authentic local and international cuisines. The resort’s centerpiece, the Saffron Restaurant (named after the glorious color of the sunset) and The Deck offer a one-of-a-kind selection that includes genuine Boholano cuisines and the celebrated Luy-a Degustation (Ginger-based dishes).

That is why Amorita Resort is your place when in Bohol!

Amorita Resort
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