Friday, April 20, 2012

Dagook Adventure Tour Experience Park

These days, what attract tourists are the recreation activities that are found in breathtaking sites. If you are searching for one in Bohol, it's time for you to head on to D.A.T.E. Park.

Dagook Adventure Tour Experience (D.A.T.E.) Park is a new tourism product in the province of Bohol located in Poblacion Weste, Catigbian, Bohol. It offers wholesome adventure activities like Canopy Walk, River Trekking, Carabao Cart Riding and many others.

When you arrive at the entrance of the park, you will be fetched by a cart, driven by a Carabao. This will tour you around the place and drop you off at the Guest office.

View from the main entrance

Comfort Rooms

Canteen and Guest Office

Guests will have to watch a short clip that will orient them about safety matters while in the premises of the park. They, then, have to wear safety gears.

There are many adventure packages offered by D.A.T.E Park; four of which we took part.

First phase is the Canopy walk. Guests have to traverse this suspended bridge. It looks pretty easy but it's not. One move undulates the planks.

Second phase is the Monkey Bridge. Guests have to cross from one hill to another by a rope that stretches about 45 meters. It overlooks the breathtaking Dagook falls.

This is the only rope guests will be stepping to get to the next phase.

While you walk, you'll hear the roaring falls-- no pressure.

When done, guests have to trail 140 meters up to the top of the mountain to catch sight of the other mountains and some plains in the area.

The fourth phase is the Mountain Slide. Guests have to zipline from one mountain to the other. They'll land on a safe area beside the canteen.

There is no other way to go back to the starting area but to go through the remaining phases or walk your way through the bridges again, if you feel like you can't make it. Trust me, this isn't for the faint-hearted.

Coconut water contained in its very own shell and Puto & Sikwati will ease your shakes after you finish the entire course.

For more details about D.A.T.E. Park, log on to or visit their page in facebook. Seriously, you have to go there!

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